The 8th Graders Final Trip of the Fields


As we come closer to the end of the school year, lots of fun activities are starting to pop up. One of them being the 8th Grade Great America Trip on Tuesday, June 11th. Both Herman and AdVenture 8th Graders have the opportunity to enjoy a day off from being in school and travel to one of the Bay Area’s most thrilling and fun-filled amusement park.

Originally opened to the public on March 21st, 1976 by the Marriott Corporation, the park starred in some 1994 films that featured over 40 rides and attractions. One of the most recognizable attractions is Gold Striker and is known as one of the top-ranked wooden roller coasters. Some of the most attention-seeking rides include Gold Striker, Flight Deck, Railblazer, Patriot, Grizzly, Drop Tower, Carousel, Tiki Twirl, Demon and Rip Roaring Rapids. Although, there are many more old and new attractions. With 100 acres of land that’s filled with famous attractions and delicious food, the 8th graders believe that this trip is a great way to end their time here at the AdVenture STEM Program.

In order for this trip to happen, the 8th graders must be eligible to go on the field trip by maintaining good grades and having proper discipline. The students must return all of their textbooks, library books and fines at the proper times. They also have to follow all of the rules during the trip. If not, they will lose other end of year activities.

Layla Fisher, a current 8th grade student from the AdVenture program was asked a few questions about the field trip. When asked if she’s been to Great America before, she happily responded with a yes. “I have been going to Great America for as long as I can remember. I usually go yearly and every summer and especially for Great America’s Haunt.” She plans on going on a bunch of rides including Gold Striker, Rail Blazer, Flight Deck, White Water Falls, Drop Tower, The Orbit, The Swings, and The Demon. “My personal opinion about the Great America trip is it seems exciting but I wish they made the trip a little earlier. I also hope they chose a day that other schools aren’t going. It would be annoying if a ton of schools from the district also went, including the thousands of people already going to the park. But I sure hope I have fun.”

Hannah Nguyen, another current 8th grade student from the AdVenture program, was also going on the Great America field trip. She feels that this trip is a good way to end the year but wished that the AdVenture 8th graders had their own field trip. Though Great America is a great place for a field trip, she wants our school to switch it up and travel to other places like a beach or another park like Raging Waters. “I hope that this trip will be fun and a good bonding experience with friends.”

A lot of Herman and AdVenture’s 8th Graders are looking forward to this exciting day. Being able to have a full school day all to themselves is a rare opportunity for any student. Even though they enjoy Great America a lot. Many prefer to switch it up with something like a water park like Raging Waters. This is a very exciting moment for all the eighth graders and we hope you have fun and remember, stay safe out there.