Summer Vacation Plans

Summer Vacation Plans

Most people don’t know what the true purpose or meaning of summer break is. Summer break means, “Going on [summer] vacation”. Summer break lasts about two months (specifically two months and one day) and it was originally invented in the 1800s for kids in the upper and lower classes. It is believed to be invented so some kids in the lower classes could help their parents in the fields by harvesting crops. Today, summer break is used to give students and teachers brain breaks. During the summer, many students and families use that time to get away from the scorching heat by going on a vacation. Most students and families go to different places during the summer, such as the Cayman Islands, Southern Asia, England, or even France. Families often get to visit relatives, such as during the 4th Of July where they get to watch fireworks.

For many people, summer break is a time to relax and visit their family. Kathleen Ha, a current student at AdVenture STEM normally spends her summer vacation relaxing and visiting her family back in Canada. Summer vacation is also a time to get a mental break from school. Kathleen says, “During summer break there’s no school stress and things to worry about, like homework”. Just as most sources say, summer break is a time for many students and teachers to take a mental break, which can often release a lot of stress from school. Summer break is also a great time to visit family, such as having family reunions, meeting family over 4th of July, etc. She also says, “Being able to visit Canada [Kathleen’s old home] gives the opportunity to visit family”.

Other students prefer to do things other than relaxing and visit their old home. Christian Miyoko, a present 7th-grade student at AdVenture STEM usually spends his summer vacation doing activities such as visiting beaches, swimming, playing sports over the break to practice such as soccer and tennis every other day.  Even though Christian Miyoko plays sports every other days, he does take breaks. He plans to be going to San Diego over the break to see the fireworks on July 4th for a week, over this long break. Christian Miyoko has other feelings compared to other students, he thinks that summer vacation should be shortened since he gets bored from his routines. He says, “[Summer break should be shortened] because most of the days I get really bored”.

Many students spend their summer break sleeping in and traveling with friends. Emma DeSagun, and current student at AdVenture STEM, normally spends her summer vacation sleeping in and sometimes going to Disneyland. She enjoys being able to have the opportunity to sleep in during summer break the most. But, this year she says that her Girl Scout troop and herself will be traveling to Victoria Island, Canada. Some students also enjoy their summer break so much that they believe that the break should be extended. Emma says, “Yes, [summer break should be extended] because we only have two months of break and six months of school”! Meaning that since we spend the majority of our year in school, she believes we should have a longer break.

Many people like to spend their summer vacation by sleeping in, traveling, hanging out with friends, playing sports, etc. Even though people may have different plans for summer vacation, it still doesn’t change the fact that summer vacation is used for students and teachers to have a mental break. Whether it’s a break from homework, stress, or even getting up early, it is still very enjoyable for many students.