Back to the Track (and Field)


Getting so close yet so far from the finish line. Jumping far, but not far enough. Feeling the satisfaction of coming in first place. Welcome, to track and field. Track and field is a sport that consists of different events and includes all kinds of people there are events based on speed, height, strength, and simply the ability to jump high and far. Track and field is a widely popular sport around the world and makes up most of the summer Olympics.

The events in track consist of the long jump (where runners have to sprint down a narrow strip of rubber to jump as far as they can into a pit of sand), triple jump (where you run down a wide strip of rubber and jump three times a hop a skip and a jump and try to land as far as you can in a sandpit  in front of you), high jump (where participants are measured in how high they can jump over bar), the 1,600 meters (where people run four laps around the track), the 800 meters (which is two laps around the track), the 65 meter hurdles (where you run 65 meters while jumping over the hurdles in your way along your path), the 100 meter dash (which is a straight sprint over 100 meters to a finish line), the 4×100 meter relay (where four athletes line up around the track where they each run 100 meters passing off a baton as they do so), and the final event which is the 4×400 (where four runners each run a lap handing off a baton to the next runner in line they finish their lap).

At Leonard Herman Intermediate, track and field is very popular with over 120 students participating it shows that track and field is one of the most popular school sports. The track and field season is open for all people but as people because you don’t have to have any experience at any event in order to try it. If you want you could train with the athletes of that event to get better. The school has a mock meet to get the athletes used to the feel of a meet before they go onto their first meet which most of the time takes place the week after that. There are three normal meets, before the divisional meet. The divisional meet is only for the top number of athletes for your school and the other schools in your division to make it. This is where all of the schools that you’ve already seen from your division come together to participate in a track meet. This meet according to some of the athletes that we have interviewed said that this is a very hard meet because it is the biggest and the most important one. With more schools, generally the harder the meet gets.

The meet after the divisional meet is the final meet for your school and the highest your school team can make it this is two divisions coming together. Even though there are around 12 schools to the usual four, five, or six. Even when there are the same number of athletes, the ones who are better. This meet unlike others has very strict rules with no exceptions. Lots of runner for example are pulled out mid race because they stepped inside of the line once or twice. Some of the participants said that they were much more focused during this meet because it is the final of the year and the most important. Before the final meet there was only around 30 people left out of the original 120+.

This season, the Leonard Herman Intermediate track team did fantastic, winning most of the normal meets and doing very well in the divisions meet where many records we broken, and new ones were set. Many 8th graders who had set records are moving on which will greatly hurt the team but new athletes will come and the track team will continue again next year.