The Last Super Saturday: 3-D Printing & Capture the Flag

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to have school on Saturdays? At Leonard Herman Intermediate, they host Super Saturday Academy for its students to have fun while making up for tardies and absences. Super Saturday is hosted by two teachers and a lead teacher. The teachers for this Saturday Academy were Mrs. Zaccheo,  Mrs. O’Sullivan and the lead teacher is Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Zaccheo was teaching 3-D printing and Mrs. O’Sullivan was hosting capture the flag.

Super Saturday has three periods that are split into two groups, one group goes with Mrs. Zaccheo while the other one is goes to Mrs. O’Sullivan. After those 2 period’s are done, the kids attending Super Saturday Academy take a break. Finally, each group switches to the other subject, meaning that the students with Mrs. Zaccheo will go to Mrs. O’Sullivan and the students with Mrs. O’Sullivan will go will Mrs. Zaccheo.

The Lead Teacher, Mrs. Edwards, thought that this last Super Saturday Academy was the perfect combination between physical activity and creativity. She was a little disappointed more students didn’t come because it was a great time. She also believes as the Lead teacher that the other teachers were doing a good job. Mrs. O’Sullivan, the teacher who supervised Capture the Flag, stated, “I didn’t lose my Saturday because it ends so early. If I was a kid I would go to Super Saturday when I am not going to do something, such as [going to] a family meeting or [on a] trip.”

Overall it was a great Super Saturday. The teachers thought that it was a good experience and overall it was a good way to end the year. The students that went enjoyed going, and were able to work on classwork, while having fun at the same time.