The Last Exhibition Night


Every year, the students at AdVenture STEM attend multiple Exhibition Nights where they present their best piece from that current term, to friends and family. This event is the main cause, for what attracts parents to have their children join the STEM program. It allows them to see what the STEM projects are like, and how they are worked on. It can also show how being in the AdVenture STEM program, can benefit incoming students with public speaking, and being braver when talking to people they might not know.

For this last Exhibition Night, the student’s presented about their EOY Projects, which for this year consists of coming up with solutions of Water Accessibility, Conservation, and Sustainability for an selected area of their choosing. These areas can be anywhere in the world where it is affected by the global water crisis. These places include, the Philippines, Capetown, Uganda, etc.

Xavier Uy, a student at Herman AdVenture, says that he was excited for Exhibition Night because it was the last one of the year. His favorite part was being able to hang out with his friends, after school. Out of all the projects that he had to present at Exhibition Nights, the Table Top Carnival project was his favorite project to present. For this project he had people at Exhibition Night play his groups Table Top Carnival game, and then if they won, they got candy. Xavier enjoyed this project the most, as it was fun to see the kids reactions, when they won, and got candy for free.

Another student that presented at Exhibition Night was Rowan Edwards who said that he wasn’t as excited for the last exhibition night because he had felt as if he were under pressure and was stressed. His group had been rushing to finish in time which was the reason for all his stress. Even though he wasn’t very excited, he was happy that it was the last, meaning that the year was ending, and summer vacation was just around the corner.

Allison Mak and her group also had been presenting at the AdVenture Exhibition Night. She said that she was pretty excited for it being the last Exhibition Night. She was also anxious because she was a little stressed for she was rushing to finish. Her favorite part was being able to present and show her progress to others.

Even though there were some mishaps before Exhibition Night, with some of the groups having trouble with their prototypes, the groups managed to successfully work through it. Although this years Exhibition Night was chaotic, the students managed to pull off another successful night.