Last Day Of School

Last Day Of School

After suffering a long and stressful 180 days, the day that every teacher and student anticipates for, finally arrives. The last day of school. No more schoolwork and stress. Just being able to enjoy life, without any worries. Students won’t need to worry about homework and/or projects anymore. This day will also be the last day for 8th grade students, as they’ll be moving onto high school, for the 2019-2020 school year. Once school ends, students will miss spending time with their friends and classmates. The last day of school also allows students to say goodbye to friends that may be going to different schools for the next school year.

As the last days of school are coming up, students become more aware of the end of the year activities. These activities include Patriot Games, 5th-7th grade AdVenture dance, a rally, and more. Patriot Games is a school tradition where students get to play student and teacher run games for about an hour. Afterwards, they are treated with missile pops, a popsicle with red, white, and blue. The 5th-7th grade dance is another school activity that is held during school hours, the day after the Patriot Games. The last activity that is coming up for every student to attend is the rally which will be held at school on the same day as Patriot Games and the Talent show.

Long Le, a 7th grader at Herman Intermediate stated, “I’m excited for the last day of school because I get a break from school, and also summer is when fun things happen. I’m happy that school is almost over and I’m expecting the last day of school to be a fun, non-stressful day. It felt like the school year went by really fast and it wasn’t boring like previous years. I enjoyed this school year so far, because I got to make new friends, as well as I got good grades.”

Ariana Estrada, a 7th grader at AdVenture STEM stated, “Yes, I’m excited for the last day of school! I feel kind of shocked that the school year is almost over because it feels like the school year has gone by so fast. I feel like this school year went by really fast because everything flew by so fast. Meeting new teachers and teachers, learning new subjects, and doing new projects felt like it would take forever, but here I am, shocked that the school year is already over. I’ve really enjoyed this school year so far. I’ve found it really fun meeting and getting to know new and returning teachers and students. Also getting to do new projects with partners was really fun too!”

The end of the school year is coming faster than expected. Teachers are starting to pack up their classes, taking everything off the walls and shelves, and cleaning everywhere. All they leave are the chairs and tables, until the last day of school, when they finally put them away. June 13th will officially mark the last day of school, where students stay for two hours and then are free to doze off at home or adventure with family. The 2018-2019 year at Herman AdVenture was certainly an experience for new and returning students and is also concluding a chapter of the 8th graders lives.