The End of Year Project

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The End of Year Project

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After the end of the year tests, most schools tend to take a break and relax. However, the students at AdVenture STEM are still working hard. Each year, the teachers at AdVenture come up with a new project for the students to work on and finish in the limited amount of time they have left. This project is called the End of Year (EOY) Project.

The EOY Project focuses on topics that relate to recent events. These events include redesigning the school or creating a plan to save people’s lives after a fatal natural disaster. Although it is usually quite fun, the EOY project is extremely stressful, according to students with experience of this project.

These projects are known to cause stress on both the students and the teachers. The teachers are rushing their students to finish the project before the last Student Exhibition Night, and the students try to rush to finish their projects in time. Not only is the rushing stressful, but getting into a group with people can also cause stress. The groups for these projects are usually assigned, so there is a very high possibility that the students will be working with someone they had never worked with before.

Even though the EOY Projects are said to be the most stressful project throughout the entire year, it’s not always quite as bad as it is made up to be. In 2017, for the 5th grade AdVenture students, most of them enjoyed the project that they worked on. That year they were tasked with creating the school on a model, and adding their own creative ideas into it.

One year later, in 2018, the used-to-be 5th graders, now 6th graders, were working on another EOY Project. This time, instead of the fun topic of modeling the school, which most students enjoyed, it was creating a backpack of supplies, that survivors of natural disasters could use. For example, if someone just survived a flood, there would be food and dry clothes in a plastic bag – so it’s water proof – inside the backpack. In terms of comfort, there might be a small blanket, or a sleeping bag. That year the students agreed that this project was more straining and stressful than the last year’s.

The 2019 school year brought an ever harder project – the students were tasked with coming up with a social media campaign, to raise awareness about water sustainability, and the problem of water pollution. The students will first research about the water problem in Social Studies, and then take that information and use it to fill out the material in Science.

After learning all of this information, the student’s will start working towards the end goal, publishing a social media campaign, and raising awareness for water pollution, and conservation. The goal is to attract the attention of the public, to the problem of people needing clean water.

According to Parker Thomson, a 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM, “End of the year projects are extremely stressful and are kind of a make it or break it moment.” Most of the students agree with Parker’s statement, the EOY Project is one of the last grades you will have, and if you mess up on it, there’s not much you can do to fix your grade.

In the end, after all the stress, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation, students and teachers can finally relax and rest, knowing that the project is finally over. With the end of the year around the corner, when this project ends, the students can finally prepare for summer break.