Herman and AdVenture 8th Grader’s Last Hurrah


As we come into the warmth and sunshine, as well as sprinkles of rain, we come closer to an important event occuring on Thursday, June 13th, 2019. Our 8th grade students at Leonard Herman Intermediate School, and Adventure STEM will be graduating middle school, soon. The people that will be participating to set up and conduct the graduation will be Jeremiah Podczaszy, Laura Meusel, AdVenture teachers and the secretaries, located in the front office of Herman Intermediate School.

Herman and AdVenture, 8th graders had been interviewed. The first question that was asked was, about how they felt about their upcoming graduation. Nate Ward, an 8th grade student at AdVenture stated “It’s just another day but also a special day for me.”

Layla Fisher, another 8th grade student also at AdVenture spoke out about how she felt about the graduation.  She stated, “I’m nervous, but excited, because I’m gonna go to high school and have new experiences, but [I’ll] miss the easiness of middle school.”

Mrs. Hogen-Esch, an AdVenture teacher, told how she felt when she was going to graduate 8th grade. “I would say I was pretty excited, because I was looking forward to taking different classes that middle school did not have.”

 Middle school is a vital part high school since it prepares and creates a habit which you will get used to. For example, if you put forward your best work and create a habit of trying to get the best score that you can, then you are likely to succeed in high school.

If you are planning to come to the 8th grade graduation, there will be some things that are restricted. You will not be able to bring horns, noise makers of any kind, or balloons. The ceremony will be starting at 12:00 pm and ending at 1:00 pm.

Students from other schools also shared how they feel going to high school. Kristen Calso, an 8th grader from Quimby Oak middle school shared her feelings, “I’m kind of scared because the high school I’m going to is big and I think I’m going to get lost.”

Ella Keo says “I’m very excited because I’ve accomplished something in life and I get to experience another time graduating. It’s sad mostly because my friends are going to different schools and it’s like the last time we’d all be together.”

Our 8th graders at Herman and AdVenture STEM are looking forward to their big day! The advice given from Mrs. Hogen-Esch to 8th grade graduates is, “Try lots of things in high school; afterschool activities, sports and other classes out of your comfort zone.”