2018-2019 Talent Show

2018-2019 Talent Show

Our world is filled with talented people each with their own unique talents. Using their passions and talents, they can create performances that can be showed to the world of people. Here at Herman Intermediate and AdVenture STEM, there is an annual talent show that showcases the many talents of the students. The student body at AdVenture STEM and Herman Intermediate, are soon holding their 2018-2019 Virtual Talent Show Auditions. On April 30th-May 1st, students of all grade levels, who believe they have a special and unique talent and have signed up for auditions, will be presenting their audition for the 2018-2019 Virtual Talent Show. The top 10 performances will be shown to the student body of both AdVenture and Herman.

Early March 2019, announcements went around about the opportunities for the Virtual Talent Show. Trying to gather as many students to take this chance to gain courage and open up to auditioning, students have finally been giving into all the temptations. From dancing to singing, students of all ages and grade levels have stepped up to start practicing for their auditions. Filling out basic information like name, grade, performance, and selecting what day they would like to audition on, having the choices of either April 30th or May 1st, will be the first step to participating in the 2018-2019 Virtual Talent Show. Given about more than a month to practice either individually or with a team, will hopefully be worth all the time and be able to make it into top 10, who will be moving onto their talent being shown to the AdVenture and Herman student body.

A few years ago, AdVenture and Herman had a talent show, but wasn’t held in the school. It was held in a building close to the campus. They stopped having the talent show for a year or two, before bringing it back. Mrs. Meusel, the principal of AdVenture and Herman says, “The reason why we stopped was because we grew too big and that it would cost $500 to rent out the place for an hour. We brought it back because we had students asking to bring it back, to show off their talents, which is the main reason why people join in the first place. The most common act is singing, though one of my favorite acts from all the years having the talent show, is this hip hop dance group, and I wish more people did something like that, instead of doing something like singing, since it can sometimes get boring.”

Mr. Podczaszy, the Vice Principal of AdVenture STEM and Herman, as well as the coordinator of the Virtual Talent Show states, “The talent show has always been a long time tradition and it used to be in the church across the street. Though we did stop it for awhile, because of the comments that the performers received. Around 50-60 (Around 20 performances) students audition for the talent show in front of the panel of students. The students that are chosen to be in the talent show, are based on quality of the performance, presentation, how it’s put together, and originality.”

Alaina Tran, a 7th grader at AdVenture STEM and a participant in the 2018-2019 Talent Show stated, “I hope that the many candidates that are auditioning will bring in many different things into the mix, making this year’s talent show interesting. I had been persuaded by one of my friends to participate in the talent show and have fun, along with Kathleen as well. I don’t have a special talent, but we are going to cover a dance for the talent show that will hopefully make us seem talented when we audition. I’m not very sure about being ready to present to the student judges. Even though we have almost a whole month to practice and become synchronized in the dance, I feel like something unexpected and bad will happen during the audition even though we have practiced for more than a month.”

The 2018-2019 Talent Show is a chance for the students of AdVenture STEM and Herman, to show off what is special about them or what they like to do. It can be from dancing to singing, to magic, where students have fun, performing and showing off their talents. Though the Talent Show won’t actually occur till June 10th, along with the annual Patriot Games, students and teachers, as well as the performers are very excited and anticipating to see all the different performances and acts, and hope that there is a good mixture of talents, that will be showcased.