The AdVenture School Dance


People laughing and dancing, a DJ playing loud, upbeat music, a variety of food, people talking and having fun with their friends. On June 11th, AdVenture will be having a school dance during school from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Most people that go say that it’s fun and they have enjoyed it in previous years, although some people say that dances may not be as fun to them, they are able to still enjoy hanging out with their friends or eating the food. From what people have recalled from past AdVenture dances, the food, the people, the dancing, and the music, it sounds very fun!

The variety of foods that are served at the dances include cheese puffs, water bottles, gold fish, gummy bears, gummy worms, and many more treats. Two of the exciting activities that are hosted at the AdVenture Dances is corn hole and ping pong. The school dance is a good way of celebrating the end of the year and beginning of summer.

Phoebe Luong, a student at Herman AdVenture, said that she has been to two school dances before, one of them being the AdVenture school dance, she also says she “mostly comes just to eat and she mostly expects there to be awkward kids eating.” Generally, she looks forward to the school dances; she says that they can be boring, but she is still able to enjoy herself and have fun.

AJ Gerard, a student from in the AdVenture STEM program, said that he has been to two dances and he also is looking forward to the upcoming dance. AJ believes that of the people who go to dances, that there are two types, people who just come to eat and people who would come dance.

Hanna Dao, one of the students at Herman AdVenture, stated that she thought that if the school dance had more activities, it would be more fun. She doesn’t like the school dance and believes that there should be more choices.

Daniela Diaz, another current student at AdVenture Herman, has been to one school dance and it is her first year at AdVenture so she has not been to any of the required school dances. In her opinion, she thinks that dances “aren’t a big deal” and she would be OK with not going because she already goes to other after school activities such as sports, but she still enjoys them at times and likes being able to have fun and have time with friends. Daniela’s idea of a school dance is an after school activity where people can have fun with friends and usually what she expects is that there is good food, music, and a lot of fun with friends.

Overall people like going to the school dance, sometimes they might think that it can be boring at times, but still are able to enjoy themselves, and as it starts to come nearer and nearer to the day of the dance, people are starting to look forward to it more and more. The only problem for the school dance is not many people are dancing, but they are just sitting and eating. The people interviewed think that the 5th and 6th graders should have a different dance because they aren’t middle schoolers. Overall, dances can be a good time to celebrate the end of a school year, while eating and dancing to music with friends.