Is Fortnite taking over kids lives?


In 2017, Fortnite, a battle royale game, was at the top of the charts. People of all ages played Fortnite Battle Royale on their smartphones, tablets, consoles, and computers. Fortnite is a first-person, multiplayer shooter game made by Epic Games. Mostly teenagers and pre-teens played this game, but now younger audiences also play the game.

Fortnite was originally announced in 2011 by Epic Games, and it was a four-player Co-op game where people would build defenses and forts to protect themselves from zombies. The players could break any object they saw in order to gain materials, and there were lots of traps, powers, abilities, and guns they could use. This game was called Fortnite Save The World, and it was in development until 2017. When Epic Games finally released a battle royale version of Fortnite Save The World, and people went crazy about the game.

The game suddenly became popular because a build feature was added into the game which became very useful to other people and differentiated it from other battle royale games like Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). Kid-friendly graphics were also added, so the game has more of a cartoon-style to it. This attracted an audience of kids to now play Fortnite.

However, the fact that it is a battle royale game makes it violent to start off with. Battle Royale is a system where many people start off with no items or guns and try to scavenge for loot in order to kill other players, and the last one standing wins. However, since the map is so big, the game uses a system where you have to stay compacted in one area, or else you get killed. Fortnite doesn’t include any blood or gore, but the fact that you have to kill people until you’re the only one left as “entertainment” isn’t really for kids. This can encourage kids to be more hostile in real life.

Even people who play Fortnite think it’s unhealthy for them too. Peyton Follosco, A 12-year-old student from Herman Intermediate who plays Fortnite says, “It won’t hurt you physically, but mentally, that’s a different story”.

People can also cyberbully, steal information, and do worse things, simply by obtaining your IP address. There is an option to mute and report people, but some people don’t know how to do that. If they don’t, they can mute the game altogether. The people you meet online, especially in gaming communities, can’t always be trusted.

As kids play Fortnite, they can and will develop violent thoughts in their head, which isn’t very good. You see, Fortnite allows you to play in duos or squads, and the people on your team are allowed to communicate to the team through voice, but the people that can show up on the voice chat can be harmful to younger audiences. For example, a teenager could be in the game and could swear, which might encourage young people to swear more often in real life. Alex’s (a 7th-grade student at AdVENTURE STEM and also an author of this article) mother that works for a company exclaims, “Fortnite is too violent and not very kid-friendly. It also lays a bad impression on kids.”

From this conducted research and information from many people of different ages, this can definitely conclude that Fortnite isn’t the best game for kids. It has a violent structure containing guns, the capability to shoot or kill someone, and content that isn’t really appropriate for kids. However, the game contains no blood and has cartoonish graphics, so either side could be true, it just depends on the players’ opinion and how sensitive they are to those topics.