Ice Cream and Spring


Until Block H award stickers were issued last week, I had no memory of what incentive I had offered students. Turns out it’s an ice cream party. Our Digital Journalism students showed me a prowess I had not yet seen when they decided to organize what should prove to be one of several ice cream parties this spring. They even held a class discussion on Google Classroom about what ice cream they wanted me to buy–ranging from rainbow sherbert to tropical mochi’s, which Nob Hill happens to sells in boxes.

So here we are, under deadline, working at a furious pace while ice cream melts on my desk. Now that AdVenture journalists are nimble and have a repertoire that includes their first podcasts and even some TEDTalks, they are working faster than I could ever imagine, all because some hand-selected ice cream awaits them.

As you settle into a long-awaited spring, enjoy reading the most recent posts to our Patriot Power. The theme of this 3rd Edition is, “What intelligent discussions do you want to inspire amougst our readers?” Students wrote about immigration, racism, stereotypes in sports, pollution, global warming, and education. They count on your comments as they learn to write in the third person and include more primary sources as they write about their passions.