Is computer addiction really a problem?
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Is computer addiction really a problem?

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With computers becoming more advanced many people (especially kids) are becoming addicted to them. They spend countless hours a day playing their favorite video games or watching TV/YouTube. In some cases, people may even skip school/work to do this, or they become angry when they are forced to get off it. For some people, technology is very similar to a drug. At one point it can become so much of a problem, the people have to go to a rehabilitation center. Yes, this is actually that big of a problem.

For a lot of people, the addiction of technology comes in the form of a larger display such a television, or a laptop. It can be very addicting, and you probably have one right in your living room, or in your own room. In fact, they are so common you have to be reading this very article on a laptop, desktop, or phone right now. It is understandable that people like bigger screens, as you can stream millions of shows, videos, games, articles etc. with only a few clicks and barely moving a finger.

Big screens are not the only form this problem comes in, Many people are becoming addicted to their cell phones, as you can do almost anything nearly anywhere. This is going as far as texting in class/work, even if it is against the rules. Social interaction is essential to be a happy human being, but with texting and calling, social interaction is becoming obsolete for some people. Some people will even text their friend or family when they are just upstairs or right next to them.

Social media such as Instagram or Snapchat is another large part of the problem. Many people around the world spend a large portion of their day using these types of apps, some even spending their entire day posting the majority of their daily activities such as eating, going to the store or market, doing work, and at the end of the day, saying goodnight to their followers. 

One huge topic has grown exponentially in recent years, is gaming. Usually, people do gaming on a device such as PlayStation or XBox. While it has been around for a while, over time it has become more updated and addicting to the point of which many people will play it through all of their daylight hours, and a majority of their nightly hours. “I never knew it would be so addicting for me. Before I started to play games, I either watched TV or played on my mom’s phone. I started to get addicted back when Minecraft was blowing up, and back then I did not have a computer of my own, so I had to bother my mom every time I wanted to play. Now I play a lot of different games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Call Of Duty 4, and several others for hours a day. I grew up with the screens, and so did my friend. My friend spends up to around 10 hours a day playing games, and streams.” says an anonymous 7th grader at AdVenture STEM.

You may be thinking: “how can this be physically dangerous?”. Well, first of all, you could become unhealthy if you sit around all day, and second of all, you could be using devices at the wrong place and time. Texting and driving is a huge problem these days and it causes many accidents. It is so common, approximately 1.6 million crashes are caused by texting and driving a year. This is a rough estimate, but 43.2 million crashes have been caused since texting was invented in 1992.

Texting and driving is not the only undesired thing devices can do. You could also be texting and walking. Younger people are now being involved, as you do not need a driver’s license to do it. Some people use their device while crossing the street and end up getting hit by a car or they walk right off of a cliff. One of the things that cause this is maps. People will look at the map and suddenly they are completely unaware of their surroundings. There are also games that use the GPS that is intended for maps and have the people walk around while looking at the phone, mostly in a crowded city.

Like mentioned at the beginning, some people become addicted to devices. Whether it be a computer, console, phone, or other devices, it is very easy to become physically and mentally attached to them. You probably know people that are addicted to their screens. Screens are everywhere, and there is not really any way to ignore them out in public. They are becoming faster and different every year. Overall, screen addiction is a huge problem and there is really no way to get rid of it completely. If people wanted to get off of it, it would have to be a personal decision. Nowadays, it is impossible to keep young children from away from screens which continues the addiction trend.