Is Astrology To Be Trusted Or Forbidden?

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Is Astrology To Be Trusted Or Forbidden?

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People always want to know the future at some point in their lives. They want to know if they will either become millionaires or be stuck living in our parent’s basement at 30 years-old. Well, hold and behold, people have astrology to answer our questions, or do they? Astrology is the study of constellations, planets, and stars that relies on how they impact/affect human lives or how they can “tell the future”. Astrology and horoscopes “tell and predict” many subjects in people’s daily life, such as fitness, financial pathways, and even love life.

According to the article, History of Astrology: A Timeline, by the author, Astro Twins, it says that in the years 30,000-10,000 B.C., “the roots of astrology begin with earliest civilization. Maps of the stars existed long before maps of the earth. Archaeologists have found cave paintings, mammoth tusks, and bones marked with lunar phases” (paragraph 4). Ever since those times, horoscopes and other beliefs have been spreading immensely around the world. In the past, it was only practiced by doctors, astronomers, and mathematicians but now, newspapers publish daily horoscopes.

The zodiacs are believed to have been developed in Egypt and then adopted by the Babylonians. Taoism is a religion that believes in astrology and ties it to Chinese Astrology. Astrology has been here ever since from the beginning. From the beginning, the people from Mesopotamia have been studying the stars and its meaning. Later on, many other civilizations have joined their studies of stars like the ancient civilizations. Now, people around the world notice the study of astrology and what it is. People use these zodiacs or horoscopes to find their future by reading their daily horoscopes on websites, but a lot of the time, the websites can’t be trusted. Some people study it too, so how can they know whether it’s true or not? There are probably hundreds of websites that tell horoscopes yet, a lot of websites say different things, so how do you know which ones are correct or are incorrect? At the end of the day, astronomers who use mathematics towards their astrology theories are the ones people can mostly believe in since there are calculations and numbers involved.

Makaylah Herbert, a student at Herman AdVenture Middle School, said that she believes that Astrology is the study of stars and horoscopes. She says that she doesn’t personally believe in astrology and horoscopes, she reads them for fun and to “satisfy her needs”.

“I don’t know a lot of people that believe in it, but many people who look at it for fun and jokes, like me,” she stated. Also, she doesn’t check her horoscopes often, but she will check them once or twice. Overall, Makaylah believes that you shouldn’t trust astrology or horoscopes, they should be for fun and games.

Arvand Bugwadia, another student at AdVenture STEM, has a not a drastic difference of an opinion of Astrology. What he knows about the belief of Astrology is that it relates to the stars.

“ I don’t really believe in Astrology because I think it’s kind of ridiculous and it’s just for money, as known as scams.” He mentioned that he is not familiar with anyone who relates their lives with horoscopes and zodiacs, but he is friends with people who use it for entertainment. All in all, he is not the person to check his horoscopes daily and doesn’t think they are necessary for neral.

The people who were interviewed had both said that they don’t or wouldn’t trust it fully with Astrology. They believe that it should be more for fun and games than a strong belief. Makayla believes that it shouldn’t be trusted, but she does check it once and a while. Arvand thinks that it is kind of stupid and that it could be a scam. So, why should people not trust Astrology? Mostly all Astrology websites that get the most views aren’t reliable because they don’t carry any facts and science and math behind their theories. Basically, people do Astrology for money, which is just a scam. Some websites though, mention on their investigation of the stars or the signals, which produced their theory based on the different horoscopes.

Many people can have many opinions towards the belief of astrology. For example, they could be looking at it for fun, to study it, or they could be visiting it because they actually depend on it as a belief.  In conclusion, it’s everybody’s choice to have such a “too good to be true” moment with astrology or dedication towards this belief.