Racism Overplayed


Have you ever been playing your favorite sport when the captains are choosing teams? There might have been one person who was chosen last. That last person is probably being stereotyped by the captains. For instance, you’re playing basketball in the gym and there are captains choosing their teams. If there is a black person and a white person, the person of black ethnicity has a greater chance of being chosen than the white person (unless the captain knows either of them personally). These stereotypes are wrong and offend the people they are targeted at.

These types of stereotypes are unacceptable because there are people like Larry Bird, who is a very good basketball player/Hall of Famer who people thought wasn’t as good as he was white. Often times when you hear the word “stereotype” you’ll mostly think of race but there are other types of stereotypes as well. For example, if there is a girl with a bunch of boys playing soccer or any game that can be played with teams, the girl might be chosen last just because she is a girl.

Joseph Ochoa, Jude Ochoa’s brother, was asked about how he feels about stereotypes in sports. “I feel as if people should understand each other in order to avoid stereotypes.” He was also asked what sport he played and if he had to deal with stereotypes. The sport he played was Jiu-Jitsu. “Yes, I have had to deal with stereotypes. It was something about being Asian and being good at school.” He was asked if it had affected him negatively. “It has not affected me.” He then was also asked if they had affected him to make want to quit or stop his sport. He replied, “ No, stereotypes have not affected my passion for my sport.”

From an article made by Joseph Cooper titled, “Dangerous Stereotypes stalk black college athletes.” It says that, “…It is a long-standing and deadly stereotype in American society that views black males as subhuman and superhuman all at once.” What they mean in the quote is that black people in other eyes, are viewed as the lower class but, also as superhuman because they excel in sports.  The article also states “…A case can be made that there are many parallels between the exploitation of black student-athletes today and how black labor was exploited during American slavery.”

Stereotyping people in sports is wrong and you should never do it. Stereotyping people could emotionally hurt them and make them want to quit the sport they love. When you hear the words stereotypes mixed with sports, you think of blacks being superior in every sport but that isn’t true. You would never want to be the victim of stereotypes but if you are, turn that negative energy into strength and power.