Do people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolution?


It is New Year’s day, your family members have decided to stay at your house since things may have gotten a little crazy on New Years Eve. You see one of your family members in the kitchen and say, “New Year, New Me!”. Every year people say they will commit to their New Year resolutions, but most times people give up because some are not able to fully convince the mind that they want this and it would be good for them.

Beginning to bring New Year resolutions into the picture had all started four thousands years ago to begin honoring the coming of new year. Many people set goals to do things that they see online or they would like to change a part of themself that is not their favorite part of themself. New Year Resolutions have been going on for a long time. New Year Resolutions started from the Babylonians from making promises to their gods at the start of each year. The Babylonians set promises such returning borrowed objects or pay their debts. Then the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus.

Some students in AdVenture STEM has committed themselves for the year of 2019 with goals to make themselves a betterself. A current student at Herman Adventure named Isabelle Dela Rosa, has set herself a goal to drink more water. “It depends on their resolution that they have committed to.” She states. “Most of the time people do, for example if they want to exercise more they would find the time to do it,” Isabelle Dela Rosa claims.

“If I were more determined to do it then, probably, but if its too small, it is easy to forget,” Isabelle Dela Rosa related. “But I personally set a calendar and set myself mini-goals/ small steps to reach your main goal,” says Isabelle Dela Rosa as a solution to not get off track on your goals. Some ideas she had to help her to succeed on doing her goal. “Mine was eating healthier and my parent’s goal was to exercise more, I would be really proud of myself if I complete this goal,” Isabelle says.

A current student at Herman Adventure, named Allison Mak, says she doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, but, she does often set personal goals for herself. She says that sometimes she’s not fully committed but, she does like to try to achieve those goals. She says,“I would write a note and put it up on the mirror to remind myself to complete my goal or to do list. Every morning when I wake up I would see my things that I need to do that day or week,” Allison said. “I would feel proud of myself.”

Many people feel very proud of themselves when completing their New Year’s resolution or personal goal. But, many people often set their goal but never actually get to it. Allison says, “ I think it would be helpful, if people are actually fully committed to do their New Year’s resolution.”

According with our data, most people do set goals depending on how committed they are to the goal. Sometimes on how organized they are would help them with following small goals in order to reach their main goal. Either way it is your own choice to set yourself with commitment on making yourself a better you for the new year.