Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Last year Spider-man Homecoming was dubbed by most fans as the best Spider-man movie ever released. It first aired July 7th, 2017, and now there is a new competitor; Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, a movie made by Sony in association with Marvel. It was released into theaters on December 13th, 2018 and most fans have said it takes the title. The movie is based in Miles Morales universe. However, later in this movie, many different universes collide which puts other versions of Spider-man into the same universe, thus, Into the Spider-Verse. To return home the new friends must find the supercollider that sent them there, and if they don’t get back soon, they’ll eventually disintegrate.

The preview of Spider-man Into the Spider-verse was released on October 2nd, 2018 and has gained a lot of positive feedback with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. After that, the full movie was released into theaters on October 14th, 2018 and only lost 3% of their original percentage now sitting at a solid 97%. As for the audience’s scoring, they obtained a score around 4.6/5 which left the meter at 92%.

Jude Ochoa, a student at AdVenture STEM and said “This movie was great, it had many pop culture references and I even noticed a Chance the Rapper’s album poster.

Some small details were added to the movie such as certain characters being animated differently. The directors wanted the movie to feel like you just walked into the living comic book so they hired some of the best animators to make this happen. For example, Peni Parker, from the Earth 14512 is animated more like present anime styles, while Peter Porker is from the Earth 8311 and is animated more as a loony toon character. You’re able to see this in some frames as he scurries in mid-air making his feet look like little dots flying around.

Since the directors wanted this movie to be different from others, they added some things like the Benday dot technique which was added to the film to make it look even more like a comic. This was added to comics to not only save ink but to make the picture stand out more. They also added impact lines to show a character’s movement such as swinging from one place to another.

In the trailer, there’s a clip that shows Peter Parker’s Earth 616 transitioning to Miles Morales earth, 1610. There are a few small changes from the different universes as the Coca Cola sign changes to Kola-Soda and the NYPD changes to PDNY. This resembles that all universes aren’t exactly the same but somewhat similar to each other.

Officially of 2019 this is now the best Spider-man movie ever created with the best rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Every single Spider-man movie has now been beaten by the score from Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. The movie as of 2019 has also won the 2019 Golden Globe Award as the best-animated film and feature.