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Stress, one thing everyone has in common. Whether it’s from school, outside activities, family, or even the holidays. Stress can often occur in many ways such as grades in school, pressure, not turning in work in time, injuries, ending of terms, being class rep, and maybe even having to make big decisions. Many people deal with their stress in different ways, such as having some down time to their self or talking to friends. Although, not everyone has a way to help their stress which come lead to an overwhelming amount of stress. Many people often are stressed over school from homework to the ending of term. People share with us about what causes their stress and how they solve their own stress.

Emma Desagun, a current student at AdVenture STEM, says that school is currently the cause of her current stress. She says, “I’m stressed because I’m new here and I’m not used to many things here”. She says that to help her stress if she doesn’t need anything done or has anything to do the following day, she will make that a relaxing day for herself. The most stressful thing about school for Emma is the fact that her new school uses a lot of technology, while her other school didn’t use as much technology. Things could also make stress a lot worse, as for Emma, her stress increases by the fact that she is at a new school this year and she doesn’t want to lose touch with her friends from her previous school. Her suggestion to people who are dealing with stress is to find something to do that is relaxing to them.

Parker Thomsen, another student at AdVenture STEM, says that he is stressed about school and grades because it’s close to the end of the term. He’s also stressed about the new projects and homework that are coming up in the school year. He said that he feels pressured because of his parents to get good grades, but his parents are still always there to help him with this stress. When he is stressed, he likes to allow himself to think and to have some down time for himself. Parker says that it’s hard to focus and to concentrate. He says that to try and fix his stress, he tries to fix the thing that he is stressed about.

Ariana Estrada, a student at AdVenture STEM says, that recovering from a injury has to mostly do with her stress. She also says, that being a class rep, ending of term, and making big decisions has to do a lot with her stress. When she is stressed she finds that to help cope her stress, she tends to like to have some downtime to herself. Many people often have people that help their own stress, for Ariana, she says, “My friends help me with stress because they make me feel more comfortable”. She said that the things that makes her stress worse is the fact that she feels the need to meet everyone’s expectations and getting low grades. She suggests that if you feel stressed you should take some downtime for yourself.

The result was that most people were stressed over school. Many people were getting stressed over ending of term, homework, projects, and transitioning into a whole new school with a different way of learning. Most people found that to help cope with their stress it is very helpful to have some downtime to themselves or to have a relaxing day. If you are stressed, you should take some time to yourself, or even take a break. Stress often occurs when you are doing to many things at a time for yourself or have been procrastinating about something. If you feel stressed and you need someone to talk to you should consider talking to your friends that your comfortable with or your parents.

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Isabelle Dela Rosa, Reporter

When Isabelle Dela Rosa and her family are watching or listening to music, they love to dance and sing to the song. Isabelle (Izzy) is currently a 7th...


5 Responses to “Stress”

  1. Kayla Brown on January 17th, 2019 8:19 AM

    I think it was good how you worded your interviews and put in quotes and then background information about other things they said like how they relieve stress.

  2. Xavier Uy on January 17th, 2019 8:33 AM

    I like how you picked a topic that most people can relate towards.

  3. Aubrey Mora on January 17th, 2019 8:34 AM

    I found your article very interesting and the information plus how you worded it was wonderful. However, you had a few run on sentences and in some parts there were misspelled words. Lucky over all your article made sense and was very interesting to read, I also found it interesting that you had a lot of background information and most of the paragraphs were formed by information from interviews.

  4. Emma DeSaun on January 17th, 2019 8:43 AM

    Very well written! I like how you summarized your article during your conclusion, and how there are ways to release your stress and calm down.

  5. Christian Miyoko on January 17th, 2019 8:44 AM

    I liked how you integrate many types of stress experienced by many of your fellow students.

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