Midterm elections: the future of politics


The midterm elections is where we vote for people to fill the roles of our U.S Representatives, the U.S senate, and control of State Houses. This is crucial because it will determine the U.S government for the next two years. Many people think that the  government is going in the wrong direction with the current people in the office. This is our chance to make change.

Although the midterm elections are a huge life changing event, some people think that they don’t know much or enough to make a decision on who to support. Jenika Fernando, a 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM said that she didn’t know enough to make a judgement. Kevin Hong, also a 7th grade student at AdVenture said, “I don’t know anything about the midterm elections.”

What can people do to make others more aware? Well, they could spread the word. Celebrities all around the country have been spreading their opinions through multiple social media platforms. For example, Taylor Swift talked about the elections on her instagram. Travis Scott, Michael B. Jordan and Rihanna also talked about the election in their social media platforms. 

There have also been even more controversial opinions on the elections like superstar rapper, Kanye West who is a supporter of the republican party. Kanye has not been quiet about his opinion on the elections. He has even visited the white house to talk to the president and wore a Make America Great Again(MAGA) hat during his season premiere appearance on Saturday Night Live. MAGA was the slogan of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He received a lot of controversy when he did this. He also went on TMZ in the following week which brought more controversy his way.

Taylor Swift also talked about the midterms in her acceptance speech for the American Music Award for Artist of the Year. After she spoke about it, many people decided to register for the elections. The exact number of people who registered from ages 18-29 was was 65,000 and by noon the next day, it went up to over 102,000. These celebrities made the recent midterm election one to remember.