Is BO4 Going to Take Over the Gaming Community?

Gamers are amazing people, they have changed the ways of entertainment and a new game has just been released that is going to change gaming. The gaming brand Activision is known for releasing many violent and gory games about things that have happened in real life.

One of the most popular games Activision has ever released was called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. One of the worst rated games Activision has ever released was Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. This was because of how unrealistic it was, most Call of Duty fans were expecting a modern game, however, the game released just fell short of expectations.

A feature that every game wants to add is battle royale, this is due to other games success. So, Activision made the decision to add a battle royale mode. The game offers other modes including zombies, campaign, and multiplayer mode, so fans agree it contains a lot of content. Adding a battle royale mode was a big risk to Activision’s career, but it all worked out in the end.

A 7th grade student of AdVENTURE STEM named Diego Trinidad-Ramirez’s opinion on this topic is, “Yes, because Fortnite, the top game out there right now is starting lose views.” Another response from a 7th grade student at AdVENTURE STEM named Jacob Lopez  says “No, because it’s not free and it’s not cross play.” (two people playing together on different consoles. Example: XBOX playing with PS4).

One thing that makes Black Ops 4 (BO4) have good reviews is that they have a battle royale mode which is really popular right now. Battle Royale is currently trending, so every game recently coming out is adding a battle royale mode. However, most people won’t buy them because everyone thinks each new battle royale game is a replica of another.

BO4 is a much more difficult game which is why gamers are leaning toward Fortnite. Fortnite’s style is toony while BO4’s style is very realistic. Lots of popular streamers are still playing Fortnite which is keeping it alive. BO4 has almost taken down Fortnite at one point but failed. BO4 is still one of the most successful games out there, but Fortnite still remains on the top.

A lot of people are saying Fortnite is dying when it is really getting even more popular. A lot of people hate on Fortnite because they also think it’s just a copy of another battle royale game. But you could argue that it isn’t because they added their own unique concept of building. No other battle royale game has ever even thought about being able to build bridges in the air or walls to defend yourself.

In reality, BO4 is just another non-unique battle royale game. We are saying this from our opinion, our class, and everybody else. In conclusion Fortnite is on top of the gaming community and will be there for a very long time. With the amount of players Epic Games has around the world Fortnite will most definitely be one of the most successful games of all time.