Is Fortnite Better Than PUBG?


After interviewing many people to get more opinions on our topic. We asked people is Pubg better than Fortnite. We heard a lot of people have mixed emotions about this topic but most people said that Fortnite is better than Pubg. After we asked  Do you spend money on Fortnite or Pubg.” We heard a lot of no’s. We thought this was weird because Fortnite almost makes you spend money. As we interviewed Diego A adventure STEM student he said he spends $24.99 per season. As we were interviewing Jaiden also an adventure STEM student, Andrew an adventure STEM student, and Jacob an adventure STEM student they also said they spent money. Jaiden said he spent $24.99 and Jacob and Andrew said they only spent $9.99. Fortnite came out July 25, 2017.  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or (PUBG) came out in March 2017 and that was 4 months before Fortnite came out. People think that Fortnite copied PUBG because both games have the same concept. If you did not know fornite is a video game that lets you create your own character and fight people to the death. This is the same with Pubg. This does sound kind of brutal but it is not that bad. It is fine because it does not have any blood. The only thing it has is violence. This game is online and randomly puts you into teams. This Fortnite has more than 100 million players. They get 78.3 million players monthly.

 We want to ask people this because there have been mixed emotions on these games. We have heard more people say I love Fornite than I love Pubg. We think that people like Fortnite more because we have heard more talk about it. We have even asked some people that love Fornite but don’t even know what Pubg is. We want to discuss if fornite is better than Pubg because we want people to know about these two great games. Fortnite and Pubg are both great games. Lately people have been forgetting about Pubg. We feel that since Pubg is the original battle royale it should not be forgotten. Pubg is the original game and if deserves a better reputation. Pubg has been a game Enzo and I have both played and we think that it is one of the best games out there.