Rainbow Six Siege better than Fortnite?

Games come and go often, they are not usually popular at first, then the game grows and takes over the internet. This is the case with one of the most popular games flowing around. This game is Fortnite but many people believe there is a game even more  popular than Fortnite. That game is known as Rainbow Six Siege (R6). Rainbow Six Siege (R6) is a game based off of terrorist situations. Ubisoft, the creator of Rainbow Six Siege was the same people who created the games For Honor and The Division. The creator of Fortnite was Epic Games they also made the Gears of War series but Microsoft now owns that series.

Rainbow Six siege was released on December 1st, 2015 and was not good at first yet with time they have reached 40 mil players. Fortnite was released July 25, 2017 and was not popular and barely anyone played it. But Fortnite battle royale was released on September 26, 2017 and made the game popular now they have 125 mil downloads. Rainbow six siege was created in the UK by ubisoft. Fortnite was made in america by epic games.

Why Lucas and Manny chose this topic is because Rainbow six siege is a game they both play. Lucas has played it sense 5th grade and manny has played it sense around the same time. Then Fortnite came out and now not lots of people play Fortnite and way less play rainbow six siege. But there interviews show other results and we made sure to interview people that have both games. They did this to insure that it is an fair interview.

The Reporters came here to figure out if Rainbow Six siege is better than Fortnite by seeing our results of people who like Rainbow Six Siege was at least half of the people who like Fortnite but that’s because most people play Fortnite and don’t know about Rainbow Six Siege so they have interviewed some people that have both games. Peyton says that he likes “Rainbow Six Siege because it is more thrilling and has more action.” Enzo says that “Siege is  motley better because Fortnite has less action and siege is more consistent about it.” These are two of four people that they are going to interview that have both games. Now they will interview A.j. he says that “siege is better because it has better physics and is more logical.”