Girls Basketball. A Great Victory.

The team playing to earn their victory at Herman! 
                     Image taken by Alania Tran

The team playing to earn their victory at Herman! Image taken by Alania Tran

Ever since October 30th 2018, the Herman Girls A Basketball Team was pumped up from their victory against the Britton Bobcats. The final score was 10-18, scoring a close game for the Patriots. The game took place in Britton’s gymnasium from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

This was Herman’s first league game, but they had two practice games before that, on October 23rd 2018 and October 16th 2018. The first practice game took place at Quimby Oak Middle School’s gymnasium, where sadly the team lost. On the upside, the team won their second game at Rancho Milpitas Middle School.

The 7th grade coach, Mrs. Julie Rehbock, is very proud of the team’s tremendous improvement since the season started. The team has come a long way in just five weeks, ever since tryouts. “I think that the team has improved by becoming more aggressive because everyone is having a chance to shoot.” stated Iliana Farias, one of the students on the basketball team. 

According to statistics gained by the 7th grade A basketball team 100% of players have taken at least 1-2 shots, whether it was free throws, layups or in game shots. 85-90% of the team have made at least two points. This shows that the team has become more aggressive and better because they have been taking more shots, and to do this they also have begun to make more defensive plays which really ups their game.

Audrey Lu, a 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM stated, “I’m really excited for the players who I know, and as someone growing up playing basketball throughout school and college I think it is a great opportunity for girls and young women.”

Most people agree that the 7th grade basketball team is quite good, but we can support the team by going to there games and cheering them on. This would lead the team to victory, winning more games and getting better at basketball. To support the team even more, people who like to play basketball a lot could try out next season to join them in their next victory, as current players say it is very exciting. Hopefully have will more wins and get even better with these new players. It gets more people into sports and more active instead of playing video games inside or on their phones.

The team has improved greatly since the season started. Everyone in the school hopes that the team improves more throughout the season by learning more plays, making more shots and becoming better players overall. Most people support the basketball team in any opportunity by attending their games and encouraging them everywhere that they play.

Basketball affects people’s lives in ways you cannot imagine, both good and bad.  Emilie Ngo, another 7th grade student at AdVenture is a National Junior Basketball (NJB) player since she was 7. She says it does consume most of her time, but it makes her happier, and the excitement keeps her on her on the edge.

Overall, the team has been getting more rebounds, opportunities to shoot. They have been improving since the season started thanks to their amazing coach Mrs. Julie Rehbock, and the amazing players of the team. The team has been winning games for two weeks in a row now, and everyone hopes that the streak will continue!