Our first edition–launched from Sri Lanka!


Dear Herman/AdVenture Community,

I am proud to announce the first edition of the Patriot Power for 2018-2019. With the support of our co-adviser, Ms. Wilkinson, and an incredibly competent, Editor-in-Chief, Ritika Samant, our Digital Journalism students have published their first articles. Trust me, they are just getting started.

With twice as many students, two advisers instead of one, and new instruction such as podcasting, our students plan to educate and entertain our readers throughout the year. We encourage students and parents to read and share their comments with these emerging journalists.

My husband and I have been in Sri Lanka now for almost two weeks now. We are in the final stages of helping him and his 8-year-old son immigrate to the United States. We appreciate your thoughts as we complete this arduous journey. Our plan is to return to the USA in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Jodi Edwards-Meegodage
Co-Adviser, Patriot Power
Herman/Adventure STEM