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Twelve Years of Separation The image above created by DOHA, on October 31, 2014 for the Trade Arabia Business News Information shows us what people believe schools will look like in the future. The image above created by DOHA, on October 31, 2014 for the Trade Arabia Business News Information shows us what people believe schools will look like in the future.

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In the last 50 years, a number of things have changed from black and white televisions to high-definition flat screens. But as objects change so do systems. Systems are changing faster and faster every day and one example of that is schools. Over the past few years, communities have seen a whirlwind of school reform. Schools have been operating the same way for about a hundred years; nevertheless, advancements in science and technology have recently moved schools in a different direction. Schools on the cutting edge have embraced many of changes we’ve seen in industry.

“I believe schools in the future will teach online courses in most subjects but students would have to go to a physical school for some classes like PE and music,” said Laura Meusel, Principal of Herman Intermediate and AdVenture STEM. Ms. Meusel has been principal at Herman/AdVenture for nine years. Before that, she worked as an assistant principal for two years at this school. Before that she also taught ELA in AdVenture. In total, Ms. Meusel has been at Herman/AdVenture for 13 years and has watched the school grow more than most of the teachers here at Herman/AdVenture.

“The technology in our school has developed considerably over the past 13 years,” said Ms. Meusel. “When I first started teaching, the teachers didn’t have any projectors and the whole school only had one computer lab, but now every classroom has its own Chromebook cart and projectors.”

“I believe writing skills have decreased due to technology and will continue to decline.  For example, we no longer teach handwriting in elementary schools so students have a hard time signing their name.  Students are also used to the short script used via text messaging so they don’t use proper capitalization and punctuation,” stated Ms. Meusel.  Danica Novotny a student at John F. Kennedy Middle School, also believes that critical skills such as organization have recently been declining and will continue to decline due to the arrival of modern technology.

But new technologies don’t just mean new problems there are now also new rules. “For every new technology, we will need to figure out the limits and the expectations because if students start to randomly show up in self-driving cars we wouldn’t have enough space on the parking lot,” reported Ms. Meusel, “We would have to expand it first and create space for these new technologies.” So how will schools look like? Will they have big parking lots and small classrooms or something else?

The technology in schools has improved remotely in the prior 13 years and it has left a lot of poor consequences as well as it’s festive memories. But  just like Albert Einstein once stated, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”


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Ekaterina Kuzmenko, Editor

Ekaterina Kuzmenko has been performing Rhythmic Gymnastics since she was 5 and is currently a level 8. This year is her second at AdVenture STEM and she...

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  1. Anneke Laurence on March 31st, 2019 11:46 PM

    I think this is a really good article, and it talks about a lot of deep things. I am a bit confused about how the title is related to the article, but the article is still really good. I think the intro was really strong and was very good at grabbing my attention.

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