The Luna Chalk Art Festival

The Luna Chalk Art Festival

Most people think that artists need to have obscure, painting tools to make their masterpieces, but at the Luna Chalk Art Festival that’s not the case. The festival started on Saturday, September 15, at Backesto Park in San Jose. It went from 10:00 AM, to 5:00 PM.

The way that the festival worked was that each person participating in the festival got a square on the sidewalk to put their artwork in. The people at the festival spent many hours there covering multiple squares with chalk. The festival’s goal is to fill all the squares in the park with chalk to show that everyone can make something. Whether it was a design to rival Picasso’s or just some scribbles from a toddler, it didn’t matter.

It was a good time for everybody to see what you can do with chalk, especially if you spent a lot of time on it and made it look nice. It was a great opportunity to meet new people or get together with friends and family. The festival’s purpose was to let a lot of people use the area to put their art on the ground to show other people. “The thing that made it fun was the fact that the art wasn’t in a showcase; it was on the pavement,” said Allison Coscarelli. “I visited the festival thinking that I wouldn’t stay for that long, but after a few minutes I knew that wasn’t the case!”

The event included more than 200 professional artists who spent hours on their hands and knees over the course of two days. Their efforts changed Luna Park into a bright and colorful street museum, covered in vivid chalk art. There was a variety of art, such as original works, recreations of famous work, or Italian Madonnari street art. The artists also had 3D realistic works, cartoons, and modern works.

If you were at the festival you would have seen amazing works of art that required more than just an hour of effort. First, the artist drew an outline of the original painting using charcoal pastel. Then they begin to put in a bit of color pastels before using more charcoal pastel. Finally the artist starts with the chalk, blending the colors to create depth and contrast.

The fun thing about this artwork is in the timeline. The artist has only a few days to draw their work before presenting it to the public. Most artists try to finish by the middle of the festival if not sooner, this way a good number of the people can see their work. It was so popular that as soon as school ends, students from Hoover Middle School, just across the street also participated and created art. You could see that even people who are not professional could create wonderful pictures, and were really creative with their ideas.

The event contained over 150 different drawings for people to admire throughout the park. Another thing that drew people was the fact that they had a lot of local food trucks and vendor booths . The whole experience of the Chalk Art Festival was an honor to have here in San Jose. If people missed the festival this year, they have an opportunity to consider going to it next year. It won’t happen again until September, but it’s good to plan ahead.

The main point is that this festival is really underrated and deserves more people attending in the future. It is a great opportunity for families, friends, and artists to get together just to create something beautiful with chalk. Chalk Art is a really creative way of making art stand out than other types of art.