Ford is preparing for the future!


During May, 2018 Ford, an American car company made a very hard decision. They announced that they would be discontinuing several cars such as the sedans and compact cars in North America. They are making this move because it has been estimated that getting rid of these cars will save them 5 through 14 billion dollars. This will help them make room for their new electric cars in 2022. Ford is doing this is because they’ve seen that they get the most sales from trucks, SUVs and commercial cars.

There was only one older model that Ford would be keeping which was the Ford Mustang. The strong muscle car includes a V8 engine, Four Cylinder Ecoboost and 310 to 700 horsepower (in the 2018 model). They managed to pull this off and make it affordable for most consumers, starting at 25k. This car has more horsepower than Chevy Camaro, which has 275 to 650 horsepower and settles at a starting price of 30k. Now, because of these prices Ford has gotten more of their Mustangs sold than Chevrolet Camaros.

Ford’s CEO, Jim Hackett, was going to release a brand new Focus Active. However, this plan failed because Hackett was planning on building the cars in China, which meant spending extra money sending parts there.

“Hearing about the Focus Active was such a great moment in my life until, they cancel around 1 week later,” said an anonymous person.

One of the best decisions Ford ever made was to create a commercial car that would later be known as the F-Series (FS for short). The first F-Series model to come out the F-150, the most popular car/truck in North America. Many other cars were made a few years later such as the F-250 and in 2019 the F-650 and the F-750.

Many people have different thoughts on Ford leaving cars behind. But in the end, it really just comes down to the people that like the cars, and people that were hoping to drive the cars day. Or they never had thoughts about it until the day they got rid of the cars.