Should racism be forbidden in schools?


White, brown, tan, black, and more. These are the colors of your friends and their friends. Everyone is a human. Everyone is equal. Think and analyze that for a second.

Some people have noticed that students of different races are being insulted because of their race. Students from Herman Intermediate in Oak Grove School District were interviewed in October 2018 to prove whether this theory is true or not. 

Many people to this day have friends who are darker skinned than themself, or they have dark skin. Sadly, due to color, you are treated either like a god or a slave. Should this be okay? Everyone should ALL be treated like equals inside and outside of school. So why students are saying racist comments to other students? 

In summary, it’s most likely because of anger. What that means is, students might be jealous or defensive on the other person’s decision. That means, they would have possibly thought it was the smartest decision to say the racist common, in their opinion.

Students around the world are saying racist things to each other, whether it was out of anger or just a joke. For example, a twelve year-old girl named Athena DeLeon was “bullied” by a boy named Nayden. This occurred in her old school, Parkview Elementary, during recess near the basketball courts.   

“Why can’t you play basketball even though your black?” Which is what Nayden said.

Athena felt very defensive, yet, her feelings were hurt.

“I felt really angry because I hate being placed into a stereotype, since I’m more than being a black girl,” Athena Mentioned in our interview.


To be more specific, Athena’s friends wanted to play basketball. Athena did not feel comfortable playing though. While they were choosing teams, Nayden noticed Athena as not comfortable playing, so he decided to joke around and tell Athena about what he finds shocking; a black girl not being able to play basketball. Why he did it though? As said earlier, he wanted to joke around and be funny in front of his friends, yet, he didn’t think through that his comment would hurt someone.

Going into a different direction, racist comments can also be a way to show someone’s anger, or simply defend themselves. Yet though, is it the smartest solution? For example, an anonymous student that got asked to be interviewed has said a racist comment before.

“Why are you so stupid? Is it because you are white?” The anonymous person said to another victim.

This occurred last year’s school year during lunch on the Adventure Campus. What was the motive? According to the person that was interviewed, what happened is that (s)he was noticing that the victim was saying mean comments to other students that were friends to him/ she. So, (s)he had enough of the comments and thought it would be smart and heroic of him/she to defend his friends and himself, by saying the comment.

“Did you regretted using the racist comment as a defensive move?” Aubrey Mora asked in the interview.

“Yes, absolutely. I would have rathered punch him in the face instead.”

“Do you think it was the wisest decision, if so, why?”

“It was not the wisest decision, yet again, it did prevent him/she from talking smack. Also, I think it was not the wisest choice because the comment also backfire on me, since I’m white as well.”

In this situation, the person felt heroic after he/she said the racist comment, yet thought it would have been a better revenge to punch the victim that was supposedly talking smack to other students. Finally, the main purpose of this comment was because of anger and trying to help the situation that the anonymous person was in.

As people can see, racism can be used by a humorous way or as a heroic solution. Both students were asked similar questions to summarize their interview.

“Would you use a racist comment again as a solution to a real life problem?”

Was asked to the anonymous student that has said a racist comment.

“If it’s necessary, as in if the person I am going to say to is bothering others, then, yes.” The student honestly answered.

“Would you take it seriously if another person says a similar racist comment to you in the future?” was asked to Athena Deleon.

“I would not because now I know what to do and what I think is the smartest decisions to make, is ignoring it, they are obstacles in life that you should not give importance to.” She responded honestly.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the declaration of independence.

So, should racism be banned from schools? Is it going to continue on even if it’s banded? Should be used more frequently as a defensive solution? Would it hurt people’s feelings or take it really defensive, even if they have commented something racist or something that hurtful wrong before? Many questions can be asked about the future, yet the answers is in our hands to control it.