Will Older Music Fade Away?

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Will Older Music Fade Away?

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Does hearing people talk about drugs, sex, and money make you uncomfortable? It makes some very uncomfortable since the lyrics in some songs are filled with this kind of language. Some do not notice because they are paying attention to the beat of the song. Some people believe the type of language in music of could possibly be affecting the way that kids act today.

Differences in older and newer music is adding different effects to your sound. Learning how to play an instrument is not a problem for many artists, since there are multiple websites where you can download free background music. Background sounds are not the only effect that you can add. Artists also don’t even need to have perfect singing voices because they enhance their voice with auto tune.   

Changes in music were not done by one specific person. It actually started changing in the year two thousand. Companies started distributing background effects that you did not have to pay copyright fees for. This may have also changed the way we can access music, since you can now download it anywhere at anytime. “It is kind of cool that older music is more accessible because it is all digital. So now newer generations can easily listen to older music,” Ms. Wilkinson commented.

If you are passing through San Jose, there are multiple places where you could hear different types of music being played. Though usually, it is rap and pop music playing.

A reason kids like newer music is because they were born into that generation of music and don’t listen to older music. Parents are apart of this, too. They connect their phone to the car, via bluetooth, to blast the music they hear on the radio. The result is kids are used to listening to these new songs and want to hear more of it.

Ritika Samant, a 7th grader in AdVenture STEM, responded to the question “Do you think newer music affects how kids act?” with, “Yes, because of the language, and how artists act in their music videos”.

Jude Ochoa, another 7th grade student in AdVenture, said, “Yes because it affects people on how they act and how they talk in general for example, they could, out of nowhere say skrrt or esskeetit.”

There are some kids who feel that newer music has more meaning and some feel that is doesn’t. How do you feel on this overall situation?