Are e-cigarette markets targeting kids?

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Have you ever seen a teenager with an oddly shaped pen that they put in their mouth? Surprisingly, they could have been vaping. Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking. It is flavored, tobacco-less,  nicotine delivery system that has recently become very popular. Now, vaping companies are targeting kids and our communities.

Vaping is a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and then inhaled by consumers. Vaping is supposed to be a healthier version of smoking because people believe it has less nicotine but, unfortunately, that is wrong.  JUUL, both a company and a style of vaping pens, is one of the many e-cigarette companies that produces products containing 5% nicotine, which is roughly the same amount of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes.

Studies have shown that companies that use artificial fruit-induced flavors to attract kids to vaping market flavors such as guava, strawberry, and mango.  They also use appealing ads that display images of fun, freedom, good times, and even sexual appeal. Is this what you really want around your kids, your community, and their school?  

In the past few years, e-cigarette companies have been growing bigger and bigger. According to Mordor Intelligence. The vaping market is now valued at over $10.24 billion dollars, and expected to grow to $16. 80 billion dollars by 2023. Now popular kids on campus are vaping–between classes, in the PE locker rooms, at lunch in the bathrooms, at the park after school–and riding on the insecurities and peer pressure of adolescence to persuade others to pick up this bad habit. 

Our first anonymous source talked about his experience vaping for the first time.  “It wasn’t good, it hurt my throat. The first time I tried vaping my cousin gave me his JUUL pen. He said he bought it from a gas station and brought it to us. When I inhaled it, I coughed, a lot.”  

According to our source the youngest age he saw people vaping was 12, and he said it can get even younger. “Those flavors, they can really hook a kid. Flavors like guava, blueberry, those are made for kids.” Now vaping is everywhere. Fortunately, our source has stayed clear of these bad habits.

“Some people I know vape but I’m not around them all the time.  I do think vaping is bad if your addicted to it but if you do it once in while it’s fine, the nicotine is really addictive though,” he said.

Our second source also asked to remain anonymous but he has agreed to share his opinions about vaping and how the e -cigarette market affects kids. He thinks that e-cigarette is just as bad as smoking. “I think that e-cigarettes are actually worse than regular cigarettes, more addictive.”

Our source says that he would never try it because of its addictiveness, “It messes up my eyes when I’m even near it, and even worse, it ruins lives.” Ultimately, vaping has ruined many lives with its addictive nicotine. Unfortunately it’s started to ruin kids lives with their ads and products.

E-cigarettes are very addictive and can ruin lives for kids and adults. Even one little puff can get you hooked for the rest of your life.  Is it worth it?

Photo Credit: Physician News: April 16, 2015 (HealthDay News)