Is Social Media Eradicating Our Generation?

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Is Social Media Eradicating Our Generation?

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Ask yourself this question “How many hours a day do I spend on social media?” Did you know that in 2014 and 2015, 94% of teens started to use social media everyday? Surprising, right? “If you’re like the average person,  you’ll spend more than five years of your life on social media –five years and four months–to be exact. That breaks down to nearly two hours (116 minutes) a day” according to an article by Carolyn Sun called “How Do Your Social Media Habits Compare to the Average Person’s.”

Not only has there been a notable increase in how often teens have started using social media, but the way they act has been affected as well. Popular social media stars such as Bhadbhabie, Lil Tay, and Woah Vicky are just some examples of young teens who have gone viral on social media simply off of creating a reputation or image of themselves that is not normally what you’d think any other teen should act. A lot of people believe that their reason for doing so, is all influenced by social media and what is considered these days as “cool”.

Through pretty much any form of technology anyone can create an account on social media which may allow them to interact with people, see others posts, and share their lives with others to become a safe and friendly platform. Well, at least that’s what it was intended to be. These days if you were to look at a teens phone and look through their social media feed or history it is more likely that you’ll find things related to sending inappropriate pictures, common use of disrespectful or offensive terms, underage use of drugs or drinking, and people starting drama or getting into arguments with others, all through a screen on a popular networking system.

According to a survey, here at AdVenture STEM, 7th graders spend around 1-5 hours on social media every day. 97% (33 kids) of 7th graders have at least a phone, an ipad,  a computer, or some sort of electronic, and around 3% (1) do not own a piece of technology. Our survey shows 74% (25) of 7th graders have social media and 27% (9) of AdVenture 7th graders don’t have social media.

“I feel like social media can be fun and all but it can get kinda creepy and should be monitored by a parent for safety hazard” said 7th grader, Hadley Arndt. “Yes, I think that social media can become dangerous because there are some certain platform that can become dangerous and harm others such as Instagram, Snapchat and etc.” “A pro is that you can chat with your friends that might not be in the same school as you. A con is that there can be bad people and inappropriate people.” “Yes, I think that Instagram or other social media should be raised to 14 or higher because 12 is too young and many people are immature.

Kathleen Ha, currently a 7th grader student at AdVenture STEM, says social media can become dangerous and affect others. “I think that social media can cause harm and become dangerous for others, if they aren’t cautious about what they put on social media. That’s when things start to get out of hand and you’re putting yourself in danger. People can make friends online but they have to be careful to who they trust, to make sure they keep themselves away from pedophiles”.

Some pros and cons is that you can meet some nice people and share some stuff about you and a con is that you shouldn’t post lot of personal information about yourself online that would put yourself into danger.” “I don’t think it really matter if they change the age limit because most people don’t even listen to the thing that says “For teens” or “for ages —- and up.”

A 7th grader at AdVenture STEM, has a story of their own about an experience, while being on social media. “I met a few people online that were real nice, and after awhile I knew I could trust, they were my online friends. One day, this random account, sent me a screenshot of a group conversation, (it was kinda cut off), of one of the people I’ve become friends with and trusted, and idolized, with a bunch of random people, I didn’t know, as well. “Your “idol” talking **** about you.” and “It’s **** if you didn’t already know.” I took the random user’s word for it and got pretty upset. It then caused a little bit of drama, and confusion and stuff, between us and only about 1-2 of our friends knew about what happened. **** and I talked it out, and she showed me the other part of the convo, that was cut off and explained, till I understood it.”

Social media can become dangerous for others but if you consider yourself to not reply or comment to others post that can affect others. Some positive stuff about social media is you can chat with others across the world, you can find many new friends and see what your favorite youtubers or your friends are doing, etc. Social media can become a bad habits for kids our ages though because you can spend  around 5 hours day or even more. There are multiple opinions on social media and it can be bad or good but you get to choose how you use social media. After reading this article, would you rethink your habits about social media?