The scary halloween concert


On October 24th, Herman Intermediate hosted the first concert for the 2018-19 year. The jazz band played “Black Cat” while the Advanced band played the Addams family, Dr Rockenstein, Thriller, and Grim Grinning Ghosts. The beginning band played Zombie Stomp and Jabberwocky, as their first two tunes of the school year. Many people attended the concert. Trumpets/cornets, french horns, bass, alto saxophones, percussion drums, flutes, and clarinets were played by the students for the Halloween Special Band Concert.

Many people enjoy being in band. Kaelyn, a 7th grader at AdVenture,  thinks her parents are proud of her for being in band and that it probably helps kids with math and/or science; although, she thinks it does not matter. She said “Probably, I don’t really know. I don’t know maybe a little. I don’t think it matters.”

A student named Owen Scheid, an 8th grader at AdVenture STEM, is a good saxophone player. He said, “I think my parents are proud of me for doing band.” When people were asked how was the concert they usually said, “It went good” or, “I feel proud of myself.” 7th grader, Andrew Crumm, was actually there on the day of the concert when the beginning band played “Zombie Stomp” and “Dance of the Jabberwocky”.

Instruments are heavy, making them very uncomfortable to carry around. “I think that band is fun. If I could learn another instrument he would learn the percussion.” said AJ, a 7th grader at Adventure STEM said. “Advanced band was amazing,” said Mrs. Crumm , who watched her son Andrew play in the band concert, due to her 7th grade son Andrew performing at the concert.