That’s a Wrap


“If you knew your article would be read for the next six months, what would you choose to write about?” That’s what I asked our Digital Journalism students as they brainstormed ideas for their ‘Legacy’ articles. Then I asked them to apply everything they learned this year to the process of publishing, which means, if you walked in our class this past month, you would have seen students running the show.

They brainstormed their ideas, collaborated on their writing, edited each other’s articles, created a new masthead, and even went next door to Ms. Wilkinson to introduce next year’s Digital Journalism students to our Patriot Power publication. They selected the articles we submitted to the Best of SNO contest and wrote lesson plans for their presentations. Wicked smart, wonderfully driven, are those students.

Introducing Herman’s Legacy articles of 2017-2018, written by the first class of Digital Journalism students at AdVenture STEM. This edition contains the heart and soul of our students–what keeps them up at night, what makes them scream at school, what they hope you will read for the next six months. If you find any mistakes, let us know and don’t forget to add your comments after each article.

With great pride,

Jodi Edwards-Wright
Adviser, Patriot Power