The Final Countdown


Christine Hogen-Esch

AdVenture band students Owen Scheid and Nicholas Shaw during the concert.

Music, everyone has heard it. Young or old, music is a part of our lives. Herman Intermediate’s band had their final performance and the students were nervous for it’s arrival. Adrenaline that is rushing in their veins led them to this moment… The Final Countdown. A few months back, the band teacher went on maternity leave, and students got a new teacher! Suprisingly, the former teacher, Mrs. Duena, decided to turn over her job permenently. Noah Casel, a band student at AdVenture, says that the new teacher, Ms. Lovejoy, is enjoyable, saying “She is chill and easy to talk to.” On the other hand, Michelle Sanchez, another student at AdVenture says otherwise,“Yeah, she is fun, but she always talks so we don’t play for that long.”

This concert was a big opportunity for the students to show of how well they can play their instrument. The concert was about 7-8 songs long and they continued to play for an hour. The audience gets a flyer of the songs and the band students play through them until they are finished. For Michelle, after concerts, she likes to scroll through her social media. Noah is a little different, he likes to play on Fortnite with his buddies. He also likes to go ride his bike with his friend Nico.

Mrs. Lovejoy has some opinions of her own. “I’m proud of their growth ever since I got here and it’s about the bigger picture, not the music notes.” She enjoys their company very much,”They’re all fun and quirky and they have great personalities.” She loves to express in sarcasm and makes jokes often. Some students slack off and Mrs. Lovejoy likes to make comebacks to call out their actions in front of the class.

Most of the group enjoy the presence of Mrs. Lovejoy. Some don’t like band but like to be around her and hear her jokes. “She is fun and cool to be around. When she smiles at my remarks it feels like I am actually funny for a change” says Jeremy, a student at AdVenture. Mrs. Duena made an impression on a lot of the band students before she had to go, and Ms. Lovejoy has stepped in and filled it back up.

The theme of the concert was pop. Some of the songs included Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Defying Gravity from the hit musical Wicked, Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy, and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, just to name a few. This was also the first concert the beginning band performed as well as the jazz band’s for the school.

The soloists for the jazz band were astonishing. Angie, Alexa, Ian and Anchal were great and in the zone of the beat. Noah commented “It was enjoyable, but overall, I feel it took longer than it should have.” He also pointed out that his friends did amazingly well for their last concert. If you want to come to the future concerts, or play in the band next year, you’re welcome to! Band is a free program and anyone can join in! Are you ready? It’s been a great pleasure from the final concert of the year… The Final Countdown.