San Jose Sharks go into Battle



There are 88 games in a National Hockey League (NHL) but, once you get to the playoffs none of that matters. The playoffs have at most seven games the team that wins the most games out of seven goes on, the team that lost is out of the playoffs. The San Jose Sharks made it to the playoffs and swept the Anaheim Ducks winning every game.  The Ducks are out and the Sharks are going to the next round. This season has been going very well for the Sharks.

The Sharks went against the Las Vegas Knights. Unfortunately Sharks were knocked out by them. The Sharks lost the first and third game and won the second game in double overtime. The next day the they won the fifth game. The Sharks are in the second round of the playoffs. The Knights won that round, so they went on to the semi-finals. The Stanley Cup is given to the winning team.

“Definitely a great experience, definitely fun to be apart of, and definitely want more of these games in the future.” Says Evander Kane #9 who plays for the San Jose Sharks. This is Evander Kane’s first time on the Sharks, he came from the Buffalo Sabers.

The Stanley Cup is a huge silver trophy given to the NHL champions. The Sharks did their best competing against the Knights. This is the Knights first year playing in the NHL because they are a new team. Las Vegas never had a team before the Knights. If the Knights win this year’s Stanley Cup it will be a new record that no team has accomplished before. If the Golden Knights win they will make NHL history.

“I think they could have beat Vegas,” said Brandon Vinze a student from AdVenture. “Vegas is a tuff team the sharks did a good job managing to win two games.” The Sharks battled very well against the Knights and it was very close. The Sharks had a great season and made it into the playoffs which only the top teams make.

Joe Thornton is player on the Sharks who was drafted into the NHL in 1997. He is one of the best players on the team but nobody know if he is going to come back. In late January Thornton injured his MCL on his right leg. When you tore a MCL you should not be able to walk. He not only walked but he skated and played hockey during the playoffs, against the hardest teams.

“We’ll wait until some of the swelling goes down, but it looks like he’s going to be out for several weeks anyhow.” Says Doug Wilson general manager of the San Jose Sharks in NBC Bay Area article Sharks GM Updates Joe Thornton’s Injury, Will Miss ‘several Weeks’ By Marcus White. This is very sad news to hear for many Sharks fans. Joe Thornton was one of the leading scorers and contributed much to the team, sadly nobody knows when he is going to be back but everyone hopes it will be soon.

The Sharks played great last game but could not manage to get one puck in the goal. It would hit the post or the goalie would make amazing saves. Both teams did good. Overall the Shark first round of the playoffs went well winning every game but they came up short against the Knights. There were some unfortunate things that happened that cost them the season, but they they will come back next season. Hopefully, making the championships and winning the Stanley Cup for the first time.