Herman’s Track and Field Team

Hermans Track and Field Team

Across California, there are 110 middle school track and field teams, all with unique coaches and athletes. On March 30, 2018, more than 100 students joined Herman Intermediates track team, which showcases students’ abilities to compete in eleven different events. Did you know that participating in track and field has many health benefits such as an improved ability to cope with anxiety, better decision making, and improved sleep patterns? On April 25, the Herman Intermediate track and field had its first meet, which was a ‘mock meet’ without competition from other schools, to prepare the track and field team for an official meet.

In the mock meet students were able to get a feel of how official meets would work in the future to make sure they don’t miss any of their events. Herman’s first meet was on April 25, 2018 but Herman’s track team proceeded to qualify for five more meets at a variety of schools including: Santa Teresa High School, Mt. Pleasant High School, Christopher High School, and Valley Christian. Additionally, Herman placed 1st place overall during the South Divisional Meet at Christopher High School in Gilroy.

The mock meet at Herman not only helped the student athletes get a feel for how the track and field meets work, but also helped students in a variety of different ways, explains Elizabeth Felchlin, a 7th grade student who runs for the track and field team. “The mock meet helped me get a sense of what my time might be at an actual meet because there’s a difference between practicing and getting your times at practice, versus being in an actual meet. Just the feel and different kind of adrenaline rush…”

Track and field has many benefits for youth besides causing student athletes to improve at their events. Track and field increases students’ capacity to learn, elongates their attention span, improves teamwork skills and much more. In addition, Elizabeth Felchlin says that she improved her running skills greatly. “Now I get better times, and I don’t even feel winded after,” said Elizabeth.

During track and field, different people have different motivations, but many participants say that the pressure of the team depending on them forces them to do better. Elizabeth Felchlin says, “Now it’s not just winning for me, its winning for the team, and for the other girls who are running with me who are putting their hearts out there.”

To learn more about Herman Intermediate’s track and field team visit:   https://herman.schoolloop.com/trackandfield.