Bored Of Your Switch? Try Cardboard For $80!

Regular games just not “cutting” it for you? Want something new that you won’t get “board” of? Try the Nintendo Labo! A brand new Nintendo product that allows you to create “Toy-Cons” that can attach to Nintendo Switch parts to make new and innovative ways to game. These “Toy-Cons” can be anything from a fishing pole to a piano, from a motorcycle to a house, from a RC car to a life-sized robot suit!

You can buy two separate packages called the Variety Pack and the Robot Pack. The Variety Pack comes with a range of different “Toy-Con” builds that you can make and play and you can decide to build whatever you want. The other package, The Robot Pack allows you to construct your own robot. The Robot Pack comes with only one build but allows the player to become a robot and wreck in-game environments. The possibilities really are limitless when it comes to Nintendo.   

Another Nintendo Switch owner is Sasha Mclin, who was questioned about their interests on the idea of Nintendo Labo. She is pretty aware of the recent Nintendo happenings but had just learned about Nintendo Labo. She seems to enjoy the piano one the most because she enjoys playing the real piano. She also says the thought fishing game looked interesting. Despite this, she stated she didn’t wish to purchase is because it was a little on the expensive side, with a total of $30.

Nintendo Labo finally reveals some of the capabilities of the right Joy-Con, being able to see video and detecting motion. The robot kit comes with its own set of Labo software. Nintendo :abo offers a “Toy-Con” Garage which allows you to command your switch to do whatever you want it to. There is a separate kit that allows you to customize your Labo creations called the Customization Set which includes Sticker sheets, Stencil sheets, and Tape rolls.

John from the Nintendo Customer Service Team, revealed that the director behind Nintendo labo is Mr. Kawamoto. John stated that Nintendo labo is making a lot of money since it’s first release and he thinks that it is a profitable idea. He agrees that Nintendo labo is considered “Real Virtuality”. John isn’t aware if there will be any new possible Nintendo labo kits.

In conclusion, the Nintendo Labo is a completely new idea that provides a lot of creativity and innovation for the buyers. It is enjoyed by many and has a sense of variety that has something for everyone. Many hope that Nintendo continues to develop this new line of “Toy-Cons.” And hey, if Bill Nye likes it, it has to be good.