Spring Carnival Raises Awareness

May 30, 2018

On April 26, 2018, from 5 to 7 pm, staff and students from AdVenture STEM and Herman Intermediate coalesced in the gym for a Spring Carnival to play games and eat classic carnival food like cotton candy. The Spring Carnival was a fundraising event for the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, more specifically, for a non-profit organization called the Beyond Association.

“I would recommend having more volunteers, and next time I would hold a bake sale,” said AdVenture student, Eli Stahl. Eli went to the carnival with a friend, who recommended that she attend. They both had an enjoyable time. Her favorite game was the balloon darts, and the cotton candy was her favorite snack to eat. 

The organizer of the carnival, Carol Muhn, a teacher and staff member at Herman, mentioned that she has been interested in refugees for a long time. She has been interested in refugees since she had read the book A Long Walk to Water, and recently become interested in the Syrian Refugees from a documentary. The initial idea for the carnival began with a goal to build community at the school, and Mrs. Muhn thought a carnival seemed like the perfect way to do that. Another piece of inspiration came from entertainers who visited refugees. They had an idea.

Well, why don’t we start the Carnival here, then bring it to the refugee camp.”

— Carol Muhn

In the end, the carnival turned out well, with happy faces and lots of support. One of the booths was dedicated to a running PowerPoint Presentation on the Beyond Association and the crisis going on in Syria, which was the tool used to inform people about the rationale for the Spring Carnival. The Beyond Association prevents child labor in Lebanon and helps with the Refugee’s education and health. They are the first people there after a crisis and have eleven schools, three of which are for children who have to work to support their families.

Even though this first carnival didn’t raise as much money as they hoped because of the initial start-up costs, the important part was to get the word out and raise awareness. It’s easy to help out the refugees, and one way is to share information about their plight. Tell family and friends and, hopefully, they’ll pass on what they know to other people.

Another way is to raise awareness. The last event, a movie night presenting the Disney movie Coco, happened on May 17, 2018. More fun fundraisers are sure to happen soon. We hope to see you there!

For information on the Beyond Association, click here. For information on next events to attend, click here.

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