The magic formula


Jodi Edwards-Wright, Adviser

What do you get when you take a class of 7th graders who have honed their writing skills in two of your classes for the past six months, mix it with School Newspapers Online or SNO’s criteria for Excellence in Writing, add a brainstorming session on what makes information ‘newsworthy’ and a dash of the Associated Press Style Guide? You get AdVenture STEM’s Digital Journalism students writing about their passions, interviewing adults in the real world, and blowing the socks off their adviser as she read their 7th articles written for the fifth edition of Herman’s Patriot Power.

It’s hard to believe one class has published over 200 articles since October. The average number of revisions for each article, before it goes public, is about thirteen. Today I had two students correcting my corrections; a teacher’s dream come true! I asked if they needed me to ‘unpublish’ their article so they could fix my mistakes  and one of them answered me completely straight-faced, “No, I’m an editor. I have permission to do that.”

I’m lucky to see these students twice a day, and this is my second year working with them. Enjoy how far they’ve come. Their final adventure will be presenting the Patriot Power to next year’s Digital Journalism students who have never had me as a teacher. Period. Talk about Boot Camp. That should be a fun start to the 2018-19 school year!

With pride,

Jodi Edwards-Wright
Digital Journalism Adviser