Was the iPhone 9 a Mistake?

Was the iPhone 9 a Mistake?

The famous company, Apple Computer, released its iPhone X on November 3, 2017. The unexpected happened. Apple transitioned from the iphone 8, to the iPhone X. What happened to the iPhone 9? The answer is the 10th anniversary of Apple Computer, on September 12th, was the reason why the ‘iPhone 9’ was skipped. The iPhone X has been newly updated with more features such as facial recognition and a larger screen.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, Apple wanted to release the iPhone X at the same time. Some of the new features that the iPhone X contains are the removal of the home button and its replacement, which is a line on the lower screen. History can be deleted by swiping up from the middle of the screen. Siri can by summoned by holding the power button. Screenshots can be taken by holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. The iPhone X is an upgrade from the iPhone 8 and offers different helpful features to the general public.  

An iPhone X user, Ariel Velasquez, shared her opinion about these new upgrades. In Ariel’s opinion, “The iPhone X is unique and you can do things more easily.” People are still wondering what happened to the iPhone 9. Ariel said, “When I first got the iPhone X, or even before, I was thinking: what happened to the iPhone 9? Sometimes people think that the previous phones are better than the iPhone X.”  According to Ariel, “I would choose the iPhone X, because I think it is high quality, and I would prefer the newer phone than the old phones.” There are many new changes that are hard to get used to and can be irritating. “I kind of thought: Why would you take away the home button? Once I got the phone, it came natural, and once you keep using it you get used to it,” says Ariel Velasquez.

The Apple Company has presented is famous release, the iPhone X to the public. The iPhone X costs Apple $357.50 to make and sells for $999 each. Twenty-five days after the iPhone was available for purchase, 15 million iPhones had been sold.

Jeremy is one of Apple’s customer service reps and helps people with any Apple device. He told us why and how the iPhone X was made. Jeremy from Apple said, “Most of the people that we know have Apple phones and not so many Android, but people opinions changes as time goes by.

There was no point in adding the 9 on the 10th Anniversary”

— Jeremey from Apple


“Apple looks better, and it is more futuristic. Cameras, apps, and the quality is better, while an Android has a limited options of games,” says Christina Swaiss. On the other hand, Sasha McLin says, “Android is more durable as well as cheaper.” Another Android lover is Ruby Carter, she says, “Apple is always making new phones, and some people want to get the latest phones and sometimes it gets frustrating.”