Girls Volleyball Ends Strong


Herman’s girls volleyball has had a very good season this year but unfortunately came up short with their last game against Bridges Academy in San Jose. They finished the season with a 4-2 record. The girls have been having  games mostly every Tuesday and Thursday and practicing the days they don’t have games. The team has had three away games while the rest have been at Herman Intermediate.

The Herman girls volleyball team has been working really hard. The girls have been winning most of their sets with at least two in one game. They have very powerful serves along with awesome defense. Sadly, the girls volleyball team lost against Bridges after a great fight, so this ended their chances of going to playoffs.

The girls coach, Julie Rehbock, has been coaching volleyball as well as basketball at Herman since 2000. After all of her years of coaching, she says that this has been one of the best season in fifteen years. “I really enjoyed all the chemistry on the court,” she explained. She goes on further to say how this year she had a good core team of club players that played well with one another.

The girls volleyball teams last game was really intense the whole time going back and forth with the score. Herman won one set and Bridges won two sets. The last tie-breaking set was very close. The volleyball team worked as hard and fast as they could, only losing by three points. The girls volleyball team did a great job and placed third seed in their league.

This season was a very interesting, fun and intense one with some very skilled volleyball players on the team. This year the volleyball team was strong and came close to making the playoffs. They finished the season with a 4-2 record and played extremely well.