Kirby Star Allies: Copy That!

Kirby Star Allies: Copy That!

Luke Pires and Hayden Hogen-Esch

Kirby Star Allies was released on March 16, 2018. It follows the new adventure of Kirby, the main character of Kirby Star Allies setting out to mix all sorts of mishap occuring on planet Popstar. It was released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. Kirby now has the ability to befriend any of his enemies and have them fight on his side in a quest to save his planet and possibly the universe. Gamers can team up with some up Kirby’s toughest allies, including the self-proclaimed ruler of dreamland, King Dedede, the mysterious swordsman, Meta Knight, and even the spear-wielding, right-hand man, Bandana Waddle Dee. In an update that occured on March 28, Kirby was joined by some of his old friends like Rick, Kine, Coo, Gooey and even Marx, which was, formerly, one of his enemies!

Kirby has not been part of a true console game since Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, which came out October 24, 2011. Kirby is one of Nintendo’s best franchises, up there with characters like Mario and Link. It’s no wonder that Nintendo decided Kirby deserved a smash, hit title under his belt. Kirby has been part of a local multiplayer game since February 20, 2015. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland was highly anticipated because this one lets you play with up to four people on the same system. One is Kirby and the other three are enemies Kirby has befriended, leading to some powerful team combo moves.

After an interview with Nintendo Marketing salesperson, Patrick (no last name given), we found the following information: The game’s actual programming development started back in 2015. The idea of being able to befriend your enemies was inspired by fellow Nintendo Switch title Super Mario Odyssey, where you could possess your enemies and become them, though a little different; Kirby can befriend his enemies and let other players control them. The idea was inspired from previous titles like Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Kirby Superstar Ultra. There were no last minute changes because they “had things pretty well laid out from the start.” Patrick gave it a 10/10. He said he’s currently playing and loves it.

One of the most unique and refreshing things we found about the game was the way that it mixes up the progression. In most games you go through different themed lands like grasslands, deserts, oceans artics and volcanoes. While this was fun, it was used over and over to the point of redundancy. Now, however, you start out in the grassland, then zoom out to your planet, then zoom out further onto a huge spaceship, then zoom out even FURTHER to explore the galaxy, with each planet being a different level. Another thing is all the friend combos like the painter and rock combo, rock painter, or the ice and rock combo, ice curling, and our personal favorite where you pick up your friends and throw them so they go flying across the screen destroying everything.

A denizen of the far-off, peaceful planet Pop Star, Kirby became a citizen of Dreamland after defeating King Dedede. Even though he’s only about eight inches tall, Kirby is an extremely skilled technician. He has the unique ability to absorb the powers of his enemies, and his elastic body makes him a versatile adventurer.”

— Satoru Iwata

In conclusion, Kirby Star Allies is a fun, unique, entertaining game. It has a feature where the pink puffball, Kirby, befriends his enemies and allows a gamer to play with up to three other people on one system. You can also do friend combos, which are like upgrades based on you and your helper’s copy abilities–when Kirby inhales his enemies, he acquires their abilities. If you think that this game sounds good, you should go and either try the demo, buy the game, or both!