What they did this winter…


Jodi Edwards-Wright, Adviser

Digital Journalism students took their writing to a new level this winter. As our fourth edition goes to press, these students have written more than 120 articles since October. This winter they wrote articles about what their classmates did over Winter Break and they worked with a partner on newsworthy articles about current events.

As their Adviser, it was time for me to turn more of the review process over to the class. That’s hard because teachers generally feel protective of their students. We want our students to shine in the public eye; however, at some point every teacher realizes their students will learn more if they simply stop being the bottleneck in their education.

So read these new publications with compassion. Let’s us know if you notice any errors we should correct. Digital Journalism students proudly reflected on what’s important to them in the world. Today, many of them joined their classmates at 10:00 to 10:17 am to honor the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. You can count on reading more articles about the March of Our Lives in our fifth edition, which should ‘go to press’ right around Spring Break.

With pride,

Jodi Edwards-Wright, Adviser to Digital Journalism and ELA Teacher, AdVenture STEM