Volleyball A Team

Volleyball A Team

From January 31, 2018 to February 8, 2018 tryouts were held for the Girls 7th-8th Grade Volleyball Team for Herman and AdVenture students.  Tryouts started at 2:40 pm and ended at 4:00 pm. All girls had to meet outside the locker room and about 87 girls tried out.

The tryouts were held to determine which students would be chosen for an A Volleyball Team at Herman and AdVenture. Coach Rehbock, asked the girls were to change into their P.E uniform and wait outside for the coach. Since there were a lot of girls who tried out on February 2, the coach made a first cut that same day. The team dropped from from 87 to 27 players.

“The first day of tryouts were slow at first,” said Izabelle Larson. “ We would get into lines of 10 and someone would pass the ball one by one, and we would have to bump or set the ball,” she continued. “ The last three days were fun. We scrimmaged the whole time, it was as if we were playing in a game.”

Volleyball is such a popular sport that it took 9 days to find an A Team. The A Team plays a total of eight games; there will be more games to come if they make the playoffs.  Most of the girls did not know the rules at first, and they were still trying to get a grip. Izabelle Larson gets frustrated trying to teach the rules to the other girls. Most times they listen to her, considering her loud, bold voice.

All 87 girls tried out for the A Team, and some of them signed up for the B team. After the tryouts only 14 students made the A Team. Volleyball is a trending sport; that might explain why there was 87 girls for volleyball tryouts. For some students, it was fairly easy to get on the A team. If you were experienced, it would be easy for you, if not it’s a little bit harder.