The Guys Day Out

The Guys Day Out

Izabelle Larson, Reporter

Over Winter Break, Luke Pires had a fun day with his friends Nate Ward and Julian Gonzalez. This day was on Monday, February 19. On this day they were at Luke’s house, McDonald’s, and then finished with the arcade at Golfland.

This was a good day for Luke since he hadn’t hung out with his friends in a pretty long time. Due to it being Winter Break, he had enough time to spend time with them. At his house the boys played ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Luke ended up beating both his friends pretty badly. After a few hours of hanging out at his house and playing video games, they decided to get some lunch at McDonald’s.

At McDonald’s they had a “buttload of food.” They had so much food, that they said they could barely walk. When they walked out Luke said, “I don’t think I can eat anything ever again!” Then Nate followed,
“Hey, want to get some doughnuts?” since there was a doughnut shop near by. So they decided to go get some doughnuts, even though they had no more room in their stomach. All of them were so stuffed that they said it was really hard to even laugh.

After having all that food, they went over to the arcade at Golfland. Each person got a card with 600 tokens, although it didn’t seem like much, since every game cost 30 to 40 tokens. Luke decided to play the ticket claw game so that he could get a lot of tickets, although his plan didn’t go so well. “I played the ticket claw game 500 times, and all I have to show is a rubber duck.” says Luke.

Overall, Luke says he had a fun time, even though he didn’t win much. Luke might’ve not had a great day at the arcade, but Julian sure did. He ended up winning a giant tennis ball, a pair of headphones and a stuffed pink snake. Overall, all the boys had fun and they would all want to to it again sometime.