Children spend too much time alone


Student tend to play games instead of doing homework.

Eli Stahl, Reporter

Over the winter break, students spent time with their friends and family doing things such as soccer, golf, and video games. One student at adVenture STEM, Julian Gonzalez, spent an entire day hanging out with his friends. They went to McDonald’s, Golfland, and then back to one of their houses to play tennis. Julian says,I’ve never had more fun with my friends.”

Children of all ages tend to enjoy hanging out with their friends. Some people keep one or two close friends, while others have a hundred first-level friends. The point is, humans are a social species, and we need other living beings to be healthy. Not a lot of people can isolate themselves from others completely and still be fine.

In this Internet-ruled world, people have the ability to communicate with friends from the comfort of their own bedroom. Kids in particular, having grown up around electronics, can and do text their friends from their homes, without ever inviting people over. Sure this is fine, but as I said before, humans are social animals. Real life human contact is good sometimes.

Kids are slowly spending more and more time inside and less time outside. Sometimes that inside time is spent with friends; sometimes it’s alone; and sometimes it’s playing video games or doing homework. Either way, kids need to go outside, hang with friends, and be social.

Julian and his friends took their day and divided it evenly between inside and outside. They went to McDonald’s, then to Golfland. They played in the arcade, and when they played tennis with a giant tennis ball, they won. Later, they played video games.

It is difficult to have a life perfectly balanced, but humans need to go outside sometimes. And children need to be social.