Volleyball and Fun for All


Luke Pires, Editor

An AdVenture STEM seventh grader, named Izabelle Larson, participated in a volleyball tournament from February 17th to February 19th. The tournament took place at the San Jose Convention Center. Her team, “Fusion”, won two out of their three games and were feeling pretty ecstatic about it. To celebrate, her team went to a burger joint called The Blue Chip. While the volleyball games were action-packed, this is where the fun really began to unfold.

The team placed an order of mozzarella sticks for the kids table. However, when the waiter brought the sticks they gave them to the adult table. Before the kids could say anything, the adults downed most of the cheesy appetizers. The kids did get a few however, but “the mozzarella sticks were trash”. She was heartbroken. After this the team went to the upstairs area to take some selfies. Confusingly, Izabelle had approached fellow team members Miranda’s younger sibling, a four-year-old boy and bent over to shove her rear in his face. Confused? Don’t worry, I was as well.

The parents chose to take the kids to The Blue Chip because the parents thought it was close by and it would have good food. When asked if the loss of the game had put any negative emotions on the team, Izabelle said ,“The coach was angry and had the captains give a speech on what we could do better after the loss.” She also said that on the walk to The Blue Chip they were blasting “God’s Plan” while everyone was singing along. She said the most disappointing thing wasn’t the loss of the game, but the crumminess of the mozzarella sticks.

Even though my team lost that day, we still had a lot of fun afterward”

— Izabelle Larson

Some other things that happened during the duration of the experience included Izabelle noticing all the cowboy-themed decor around the restaurant and exclaimed “Is that cowboys?!? Cowboy’s SUCK!” and this a woman at the bar loudly agreed. Izabelle believes this woman was drunk. She also says that she noticed a stage, where Izabelle “just lied on the ground and pretended to be grass.”

Izabelle won two-thirds of her games, went to lunch, got her crummy mozzarella sticks stolen by the adults, gave a speech to the team, did a sing-along on the way to lunch of “God’s Plan”, yelled in the restaurant and got a possible drunk to agree and pretended to be grass. Those were her favorite memories of the nine-day Winter Break.