What shows are binge worthy? – Version A


What is your favorite show to binge watch? Many people like to binge watch in 2018, with shows like Friends, Riverdale, or Stranger Things. If you don’t know what binge watching is, binge watching is watching several episodes consecutively.

A surveyed graph from students of AdVenture STEM

People love binge watching all types of different shows. There was a survey of twenty randomly selected students from AdVenture STEM about Favorite T.V. Shows to Binge Watch.  Comedy was the highest ranked category for Favorite T.V. Shows to Binge Watch.

“Shows are made to be addicting and mysterious so you’re always craving for more.” Lizzy Felchlin talked about her opinion on binge watching. Lizzy is a seventh grader at AdVenture STEM.

I binge watch about three hours every day at most. My favorite show to binge watch is A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

— Lizzy Felchlin

“When I have free time, I sit back and relax and watch shows because I have nothing better to do. It becomes addicting while I shove food into my face.” This is Casey’s experience binge watching shows. Casey is also a seventh grader at AdVenture STEM.

Many people experience different things when binge watching shows. Sometimes people even binge watch shows for more than 12 hours a day if they have that much time. People also may marathon shows, which is binge watching but for a very long time, normally like a quest to finish a movie series or a long show series (e.g. Friends or Harry Potter). Binge watching can be as simple as sitting in your room and watching a show on a phone. Binge watching is a great way to relax and have fun,  you can do it mostly anywhere you want! 

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