The Fun. The Sunday. The Super Bowl

The Fun. The Sunday. The Super Bowl

 Sunday February 4, 2018, was the 52nd super bowl. It had occurred at the U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Every house was screaming with Eagles and Patriots fans. The Philadelphia Eagles took home the trophy with a win of  41 to 33. There was an exciting halftime show that played a variety of popular songs. Some of the songs Justin Timberlake sang were My Love, Until the End of Time, Suit and Tie, and many more. 

The Super Bowl started at 3:30 pm and ended around 6:30 pm. Many people enjoyed the halftime show with Justin Timberlake performing some of his best songs. Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya were the announcers. Gene Steratore was the head referee this year for the game.

An Eagle’s fan, Isabella De Filippis has her own thoughts about this Super Bowl. “My favorite part about the Super Bowl was that it was a very close game. I also enjoyed the halftime show. Justin Timberlake is very good at performing. In my opinion  there was no worst part.” This was a strong opinion among people that were watching the Super Bowl. People had different thoughts about the halftime show.

Isabelle Larson, a Patriots fan thought “The worst part of the game was when Tom Brady fumbled. I did not enjoy the halftime show it was better in the years before.” Many people agree with this opinion and were not impressed with the halftime show. The public thought that it could of been better.

The Super Bowl is an exciting and fun time for most people. People were with their families cheering for a team that was important to them. It was a close game till the end when the eagles won with a touchdown. The Patriots were disappointed, but they were very close to winning another championship.