A Polish Hero

This is Andrew and Sophie at a restaurant.

This is Andrew and Sophie at a restaurant.

Isabella Bieganski, Reporter

Strength, wisdom, courage, risk-taking, those are just some of the attributes of a hero. Andrew Bieganski, my Grandfather, was the beginner of Die-Tech, a successful business in the market of Morgan Hill. With little money, and a big move from Poland, he still managed to to grow an amazing company. 

In 1973, Andrew, Sophie, and their six week old son, Michel moved to New Jersey. They were on the search for a better opportunity. With only twenty dollars cash and no home, this venture was not easy to manage. Luckily, they had family that lived in New Jersey, who offered them food and shelter. They both went straight to work, getting any job they could find, which meant grocery stores and interviews. 

My Grandfather went to work at an engineer shop in America. He did not know English, which is very hard because he was unable to understand what others were saying. In Poland, Andrew did not go to college, but went to school to study blueprints. After finding out that the shop he worked at was closing, Andrew and two of his friends started their own metal shop. After a few years, the other two men left the business leaving my grandfather as the only owner of the company.

The previous owners departure was an opportunity. This shop was all about shaping metal and more. Die-Tech became a family business, run by my dad, my uncle, my grandfather, Andrew and Sophie, his wife. My two cousins and I like to go to the shop and watch them cut metal. I was amazed how hard my grandfather worked. Not going to college and unable to understand English isn’t easy, but Andrew managed.

I am so proud and honored that my grandfather started and owns Die-Tech. To learn more about Die- Tech and what they do, visit their website http://www.die-tech.com/